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  • The Secret of Rapyd Agility: How Rapyd Improved Product Delivery by x1.6 in 10 Months

The Secret of Rapyd Agility: How Rapyd Improved Product Delivery by x1.6 in 10 Months

Erez Morabia Discuses Rapyd Agility

Listen to the Secrets of Rapyd Agility in this Podcast Interview with Erez Morabia, Rapyd R&D Manager.

What happened when Erez Morabia, Rapyd’s R&D Manager and Agile coach got an impossible task? He created a brand-new agile approach!

In Erez’s first three months at the company, he was tasked with improving product delivery and supporting the company’s growth in products, new markets and recruitment efforts by 300%.

This immense challenge was the birth of the unique strategic framework of ‘Rapygility’, an agile methodology using Rapyd principles and best practices. By putting Rapygility into action, the Rapyd team made the impossible possible.

Listen to the Hebrew-Language Podcast Interview and Learn How Rapydagility Made the Impossible Possible.


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