Opportunity abounds in Eastern Europe for ecommerce merchants who adapt their sites to local ecommerce and payment norms.

The idea of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as a cohesive region is a misnomer. In many ways, the only similarities shared by the countries in these regions—Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia—are geographic. Here, crossing borders means changing currencies, payment preferences, and ways of life.

However, there is reason to be optimistic about each country’s ecommerce and payments potential. The European Commission’s 2018 decision1 to remove geo-blocking on ecommerce means anyone in any EU member state has the same access to online goods and services. Internet penetration is growing in each of these countries. More countries are getting on board with fintech and digital payments.2

This Article Includes In-Depth Insights into eCommerce Trends and Payment Preferences for the Following Countries 

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