Contactless payments have seamlessly entered into the customer experience, and now most consumers are happy to pay contactless for items. In fact, customers will often opt to pay contactless for items that are under the £30 limit, rather than enter their pin. With over 50% of transactions being paid for by mediums other than cash, and contactless making up an ever-increasing percentage of this, contactless payments are the norm.

As such, businesses that accept contactless payments are likely to make their customers happier. It’s not difficult to understand why, but our experts have broken it down, so that you can understand exactly why customers love contactless payments.

1. Speed of payment

Contactless payments are significantly faster than paying via your PIN. Instead of the customer having to physically insert their card into one of the merchant’s card machines, then wait for the connection and card to be recognised, and only then enter their PIN, to still wait for approval, contactless payments take all of that time out of the equation. Customers can instead tap their card and go, allowing the transaction to be significantly faster something that benefits both the customer and the seller.

2. Less time waiting at the till

With the payment process significantly faster, merchants can process more sales in the same amount of time. This results in customers spending less time waiting around in queues at the till and speeds up their overall checkout process. Not only does this means customers are happier, but more speed equals fewer abandoned shopping carts.

3. The love of technology

Customers always enjoy using technology, and contactless payments represent a significant improvement in payment acceptance solutions. Customers naturally enjoy engaging with technological advancements, and also appreciate merchants who invest in technology. Customers will remember brands that are up to date with the latest technology, so an investment in contactless payment solutions is likely to lead to repeat customers.

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