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Valitor is now part of Rapyd, a global payment processing and
fintech-as-a-service company.

THE DETAILS now redirects to This won’t impact your products or support in any way, and the same Valitor team you have come to trust is still here to support all your payment processing needs.

Here are answers to common customer questions about this transition. If you have any additional questions, please contact us

Located in Iceland? Explore our Icelandic pages: Íslenska.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Transition from Valitor to Rapyd

You will be able to log in to your client portal by clicking “Login” from the top menu on, then selecting “Valitor Customers Login Here” from the login page.

You can also log into the Valitor Client Portal now by visiting

No, customers will continue to pay what they have paid in the past and all billing will be conducted in the same way.

No, only the brand name is changing. Your service will be uninterrupted and will not change.

Yes, Rapyd will still offer the same great countertop and portable card machines for purchase and short-term hire. All card machines can be found at

Rapyd adds even more capabilities for online payment customers. With Rapyd, customers can accept payments in over 100 countries using credit cards, ewallets, bank transfers and even cash. Your payment services will be uninterrupted when Valitor redirects to on December 23. For more information on all of Rapyd’s online payment capabilities visit

Yes, your Valitor Virtual Terminal will still work and your service should be uninterrupted.

You will use the same customer support portal and contact information that you have always used and the same Valitor team will still be there to assist you, except now we are even better with the addition of the Global Payments Network and the robust fintech and payment technologies of Rapyd. 

Customer Support (UK & Ireland)
UK: 0808 204 0349
IE:  +44 808 204 0349 

For Partner Support in Europe

For transactions, settlements, and account queries, available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
Technical Support (UK & Ireland)
UK: 0808 204 0347
IE: 01653 3901
Solve terminal and online payments issues, support advisors are available Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Visit our support portal.

See network status.


Liberate global commerce with all the tools your business needs to create payment, payout and fintech experiences everywhere.

Around the world, customers want to pay in a thousand different ways. Businesses and consumers want to get paid faster. And developers want to build new products and possibilities. Rapyd makes it happen, giving you more ways than anyone to make fintech work for your business.

With Rapyd, your business can accept and send payments to just about anyone—faster, cheaper and easier. And Rapyd clients see an average of 196% return on investment and spend 70% less time managing payments.


Whether you’re building an app, selling a product, sending payments or doing a little of everything, Rapyd has solutions that let you boldly do what you do best.

With Rapyd, you can:

  • Send and receive funds
  • Add hundreds of payment methods worldwide
  • Issue prepaid virtual and physical cards
  • Simplify money management and foreign exchange
  • Integrate fintech with APIs

Learn more at  

Rapyd cares about customers’ personal data and respects your privacy. View Rapyd’s Privacy Policy.

The legal entities Rapyd Europe hf. and Valitor hf. will merge in the upcoming legal merger. Pursuant to Icelandic law, Valitor hf. will be the surviving entity and Rapyd Europe hf. will be the dissolved entity, and as such, Valitor hf. will absorb all rights and obligations of Rapyd Europe hf. upon completion of the merger. As part of the merger process, Valitor’s legal name will be changed to Rapyd Europe hf. and for branding purposes the merged entity will operate under the “Rapyd” brand.

No, we are not expecting any disruption of the services Rapyd Europe and Valitor have provided to their clients. However, there may be some minor changes, for example the settlement frequency that might impact some merchants.

As we notified Rapyd Europe’s clients earlier this year, we have moved all our clients under one payment service system, at Valitor. With the transfer, Valitor hf., 500683-0589, officially became your new payment service provider and assumed the rights and obligations under your framework agreement with Rapyd Europe. Therefore, you are receiving settlements from your new payment service provider, Valitor. Please note that Valitor’s name will change and you will subsequently receive your settlements from Rapyd Europe hf., id. 500683-0589.

As part of the merger process, Valitor’s legal name will be changed to Rapyd Europe hf. and for branding purposes the merged entity will operate under the “Rapyd” brand. You are receiving settlements from Rapyd Europe hf., id. 500683-0589.