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Rapyd Business Account Pricing - Hong Kong

Service Fee
Monthly subscription*

No minimum balance , fall-below fees or hidden charges (*Starting April 3rd, 2023)

US$99 per month
Offboarding US$75 – one payment 
Rapyd Virtual Accounts

Applies to all incoming payments

FPS payments – $0

Non FPS payments – $US 15 or $HK 120

If the sender’s currency is different from the Base Currency then a 1.5% will be applied. For the purpose of this section, the Base Currency is one of the following: $US, EURO, £GBP, $HK

Rapyd Disburse – local payments FPS payments – $0

Non FPS payments – $US$5 or $HK$ 38

Rapyd Disburse – International payments

Correspondent banks may apply additional fees for International payments processed over the SWIFT network

$US$5 or $HK$ 38
Rapyd Disburse – Foreign Merchant Fee

When a sender currency is different from a Beneficiary currency

Card Issuing – Card Transactions

When a transaction currency denomination is different than the Base Currency of your Rapyd Card, the Visa exchange rate will apply.

Card Issuing – Foreign Merchant Fee

No foreign merchant fee applies to transactions made in the same currency as your Rapyd Card, irrespective of the country where the merchant is based

ATM Withdrawal

No minimum fees