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Unlocking New Gaming Markets

See how the right online payments strategy helped SEAGM become one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing gaming companies.

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Insider Advice to Solve Payment Challenges for Gaming Companies

Join Ken Lee, Senior Business Development Manager at SEA Gamer Mall, and Natalia Tymosiewicz, Rapyd Enterprise Senior Relationship Manager, as they discuss how businesses can navigate rapidly evolving customer expectations and payment requirements within the gaming and e-commerce sectors.

Ken shares hard-won lessons for growing gaming firms, the impact of changing consumer behaviours, and strategies to tackle emerging markets.

Expert insights on:

  • Growth in the Gaming Market: Learn about SEA Gamer Mall’s evolution from a small team to a leading force in e-commerce across multiple countries.
  • Adapting to Change: Discover how SEA Gamer Mall managed the shift from traditional to digital payment methods.
  • Security and Partnerships: Understand the crucial role of security in e-commerce and how working with Rapyd drives their global expansion.

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Ken Lee
SEAGM Senior Business Development Manager


Natalia Tymosiewicz
Rapyd Enterprise Senior Relationship Manager

 Get Winning Payment Strategies for Online Gaming