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Leveraging evolving payment ecosystems for eCommerce success.

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Eric Rosental speaks inside a tablet

Unlock the secrets of ecommerce growth and payment innovations with Eric Rosenthal, Chief Strategy Officer at Rapyd

In this talk, Eric explores the transformative trends in digital payments that are shaping the future of transactions. 

Gain Valuable Insights:

  • Digital Payment Evolution: How businesses should respond to the rise of cross-border ecommerce and the impact of economic uncertainties.
  • Global Trends: Insights into the global trends affecting ecommerce, from social commerce to the creator economy.
  • AI in E-commerce: Discover how AI is revolutionizing ecommerce, from customer service to product pricing strategies.
  • Marketplace Dynamics: Learn about the expansion of specialized marketplaces and their impact on ecommerce volume.

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Eric Rosenthal
Chief Strategy Officer at Rapyd


Eric is a global strategist, investor and business development professional specializing in financial service innovation.

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