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Rapyd U Office Hours: Customer Object

Learn about Rapyd, fintech payments, and a short demo using Postman. Follow along as we learn about the Customer Object using the Rapyd API.

uh so welcome everyone uh we are going over our uh just rapid developer Community AMA uh presentation today I’ll go over just a few quick things on the rapid API as well as looking at a use case and a demo we’ll look at the customer object and so as people join or if you’re watching this on replay uh just welcome feel free to comment on the video or again go to community.rapid

net and make a post with any questions and so uh yeah I just wanted to head to the next slide so here we’re just going to be you know not too deep but just giving a rapid overview um just one use case and talking about you know as you would build your fintech product or payments product just some examples and then we’re gonna be working in Postman looking at the customer object and so here um this is uh just the first point in in defining uh what payments is and so we just first want to say payments aren’t a cost and actually this is uh something

that I’ll talk about in the next slide but you know we see more payments uh plus Partnership of different fintech platforms equals a profit and this is uh so away an Avenue to allow you to expand your business especially when you are going Going Global and also there is uh up in the top right corner of the screen you do see a QR code and that’s our survey of course anything that you want to hear or you want rapid to cover we love to hear from you and yeah just see what would be good to help you out as you are building

on your journey and so the next slide really what is what are payments if we’re gonna talk about payments if we’re gonna talk about fintech we want to Define uh What uh what this is and as you tackle this and so we look at the past and we used to think of payments as a cost and this was maybe a burden on the business owner a burden on the you know Builder and payments as a way to accommodate uh the customer but now um you know here it says a business had to pay transaction fees to do business online um it was really about looking at what

would be the least uh costly option um you know or just being able to provide that service um but now as we see apis have absolutely been the way to adopt technology and building faster and now fintech apis have become more and more prevalent and really with we’ll talk about this idea of one integration for everything you know everything has changed and now so we see uh you know if you use fintech like a rapid as a way to expand quickly this is uh you know even becomes much more real as you span expand globally but this is not just a

way to accommodate your customer but build real Revenue grow your business all right and so we now we see uh just want to go through this timeline of the evolution of fintech and talk through this so again paymas was a cost uh you know a lot of before this of course was was cash payments and and we have the internet and card payments and then online payments um in brick and mortar uh they had the card payments I would connect online um and then you know the explosion of the internet and then we move towards you know payments in the cloud and start

to get into uh you know profiles and saving payments online and then we have the mobility and movement of payments through different devices and being able to have payments multiple payment methods on different devices that that you would carry as well as building that interface in the ux for those payments and of course we see the next phase uh of course this is where rapid is going and embedded embedded you know finance and basically building everything into one um as you would go to any business and there’s a transaction uh we believe that

there is going to be you know a that Financial Hub uh for every single business um you know around their customers and then being able to provide the services needed in any muddy money movement and of course building Revenue here we have this next slide of uh just the overview of rapid and what I do want to highlight is we have rapid collect here um basically accepting payments in multiple payment methods multiple countries this is basically in the collect platform mix up a large percentage of Rapids network but also we

have rapid disperse and that is uh also a special sauce of Rapid as you can accept payments and then be able to pay out you know players or contractors basically any beneficiary context that are a part of the money flow or a part of the business process and then there’s rapid wallet where really storing funds it becomes useful in so many instances and having that Hub not only for yourself but for any customers that you can create um you know that are in the business flow in the the workflow we’ll actually look

at a wallet today as we are going over the customer object and then of course all these different services that accompany and complement the rapid environment rapid issuing in certain countries who have all the different payment categories here that make up around the world specific payment methods to be used and you know all these are our micro Services of course FX is huge is huge when you are building a Global Payments Network when you are doing cross-border payments um any and you know from from one country to another

and of course I did want to mention that we do have um coming later this year uh just own open API for developers to continue to build and utilize as a tool one of the many tools of the rapid developer Community we’ll also talk about a little bit and so why build with rapid and really you know we have these just broken out as four uh different uh you know points I want to make and so for the reach again this vast payments Network and we have hundreds of payment methods which you can reach billions of customers and

then Solutions really there’s in fintech in payments there are so many things that you don’t see so the hosted Pages which cover any PCI compliance you know collecting customer information just the compliance services and and being able to allow that to be done for you verification the the security of payments there’s so many other fields and variables added to payments in just that one API integration that is there for you uh and of course uh moving to that next Point uh just with a single API you know

for developers and businesses this is a sole reason to just begin and integrate with everything into one um it’s quick and you know easy for developers to to get started and immediately testing and just checking out our our API we’ll we’ll grab our API keys and get started today and then capability so when you combine everything again collect disperse wallets you know accepting payments being able to manage funds and payout beneficiary context that is so valuable and so yeah I just want to encourage

everyone who’s watching this um you know go ahead and sign up uh and get started you can grab your API keys and start testing in sandbox if you have any questions you can join our Rapid Community at and there’s other developers there to help you we have the rapid team and Rapid Community to come alongside you and and what you’re building uh and so I just did want to highlight uh some Industries some uh just verticals of of what is being highlighted and what some of some of the areas that we’re seeing this year and so

you could see uh just you know a list of lending and financing you know supply chain Logistics all these as we’re seeing this is not everything but we do see this popping up a lot this year and so really there’s one thing in common that that of course they all have is they’re there to and building to make revenue and make money and that’s the whole point to con to build an integration to grow to be sustainable of course many of these uh could include cross-border payments um and you know different different use

cases that they’ll build out but leading into this this next slide really that’s something that as you build that’s what the goal is to be sustainable to be able to feed yourself and to to grow as a business and so as you you probably already have a service in mind a project in mind that you are thinking of building and would help solve problems for clients and so as you continue to build that and grow and test uh you know to number two to to acquire users you know collect their data um understand you know

how what information is needed for your customer specifically the minute you start to add those financial services uh specifically a wallet where they can store funds you know have credit and accept payments you begin to build that sustainability and build the revenue where they can keep funds in your money I think one of the developers in our Discord was talking about Starbucks and how they have like a billion dollars and there of course there’s the climate of banks today but you know Starbucks itself as as a

product you know is not they just built a uh you know a financial product into their their business and now they have all this money and credit and so yeah yeah it’s just uh of course and just one example of being able to serve your customers in that way and of course once you you do collect funds you do provide those Services um there’s you could start to we see companies and clients from Rapid they build one thing but then as they grow they start to add another service add another service and it starts to be

really this complete Financial hub for their customers and so one example of um you know this growth this building is cadmos cadmos you can see this picture is a shipping company and so they do shipments of course to multiple countries different countries that means cross-border payments and so cadmos is able to offer payments to to um you know 20 countries and um they they use this financial service and um with rapid and they are looking to grow to up to 50 countries and so that is offering local payment methods to

those countries and um you know doing FX payments and and managing those and so with one integration they can do all of this really saving time and and you know time is money and those resources um they can build it all just with one simple integration and so what does this even look like further as you begin to build and basically start to develop into multiple Services well I just there’s here’s a timeline here and what was what has been offered um you know back in the 90s we had of course the the growth of online payments

and we started to see the online checkout page and that in itself was uh uh new and being able to trust the websites out there and the security out there and then of course we saw um you know API Integrations uh with checkout you know and mobile um and being able to integrate profiles and and save customer details on the go but now here we have uh you know multiple services and and being able to provide both and and you know embed payments directly into the service where it doesn’t have to be just the checkout

but whatever they’re doing whether it’s delivery you know uh and you know Communication Service um payments is a part of that and so these are actually either clients customers or partners with rapid providing that service and so here is what it looks like and just a quick overview um it’s you know there’s a lot of just different points here but just the resources of of the rapid developer community on what developers can use to be able to go to uh to get help to build um and so we have all these resources for

you if you’re probably watching this um and or here you probably are aware of a lot of these resources but yeah just wanted to kind of give a snapshot of um all the different things that you can find to really help you build and come alongside what you are doing in building with rapid here I wanted to just basically share also a snapshot and this is really an over simplified architecture of building rapid you know this is as they started rapid just grew and grew and grew and added and by now it’s you know probably hundreds of services

to make rapid function you know back-end Services microservices Partnerships and Rapid itself has multiple Integrations but that all again is offered with one integration as you build with rapid but just yeah just a little oversimplified but uh you know not um you can start and begin in building something you know with a pretty simple uh stack structure and so yeah that’s uh basically that is a little bit of what I wanted to share um and and so again I just want to encourage you to you could if you don’t

already you could open up a an account in the client portal just grab your API keys and immediately start testing if you want to to see anything um any specific Integrations we have multiple examples in our GitHub repository and as well as articles and so yeah if you those are ever helpful for you please let us know I wanted to now go to the next slide and um of course run through some examples we’re going to talk about the customer object today definitely important as you are building definitely important as you are managing

uh Financial hub for your customers and so just wanted to head over here to I’m working in Postman so if you don’t have Postman collection you can download that in our off our documentation we also link those in our videos as well under the video and so yeah there’s also a video that for you to download that and just walk through on how to get started but really as you download that this will pop up and the rapid sandbox environment will also pop up here and so that’s the environment that I am working on and

what you’re going to do is as you log into client portal verify your email and be able to log back in you’re going to go to developers here and then here is I’m I’m in sandbox and so you’re going to want to switch to sandbox here from production you can just switch it with the easy switch here um I can copy the access key and then input it here you know I’m pretty sure this is the same of course these are uh you’re going to want to hide these all the time but I of course willing to give away all my information

and you’ll save that um yeah and that’s that is really how you connect to here and so the simplest API call that we show is just list countries and you can do that and they’ll that’ll basically list out all the countries with two country code and currency code as well so the customer object so we let me just quickly head to the documentation so we have a great customer here um so customer profiles basically where payment methods are stored for few for future use so that is intended to store any payment methods that are used to

pay you um when you are using the customer object uh solely via the API integration um the PCI rules apply and managing you know personal information and so you would need to be PCI of you know compliant following all the regulations there but we do have also a checkout page where even after a payment is made a customer ID is generated specifically for that payment and are of course the hosted page gener that rapid generates is PCI Compliant and so yeah two options that can be used I can go over I can just show you a little bit of what the hosted

page looks like but mainly we’ll be going over um the API today and also I just have this web hook uh example page that I will add as we do these calls and so the first thing we’re going to do as I shared earlier is going to create a wallet and so one thing I like is they have now in sandbox require unique emails for each one and so here we have all of the parameters for a for for creating a wallet and um this is you know just basic sandbox contact information so a lot of it isn’t um you know it’s just fake information so

I’m just going to go ahead and send this as and create this and then we got the response and so this is the wallet ID that we’re going to use here to create a customer so now I’ll search up customer we’ll first create a customer with a payment method and then we’ll maybe do one without or or just add add to the current customer so I’m going to paste in the wallet ID here and then we have the parameters here it’s just basically a simple credit card that’s being added to this customer

and as I create this we’ll just make sure to uh keep the names consistent just just because sandbox it doesn’t it’s okay but um and so yeah they’re they’re they’re at successful and we see the uh payment method added here to the customer and so if I go and grab customer again um yeah I believe it now it should show up and so this is actually the ID of the card um uh that you can use for the payment so I’m going to go ahead and create a payment by payment method ID and and you could look at the

uh the endpoints here of course this is just a you know base URL URI and the URL would be V1 so that that is on our documentation the full for every oh yeah let’s see actually we see this as I created the customer here’s the web hook that shows as a response it’s basically what comes in the response but as as I was saying uh each endpoint is shown here in the documentation cool so we are going to create a payment um oh not the customer ID card ID so the currency matches this is USD

I have a card ID for this payment go ahead and send it oh not authenticated oh yeah actually that’s a great point um so one of the one of the security features of Rapid is you do have to authenticate it when you add it um it’s the 3DS authentication so I believe it’s right here um and let me go one two three four five six and authenticate this and there’s no redirect URL so or beyond that so or complete and so now it should be authenticated um and so let me go back to credit payment perfect and it went through 155 the

status is closed because this is a card payment so it goes through here in sandbox everything um and that will go uh yeah and there is a specific number for activating if you were to do 3DS for that payment I believe it’s like um over over 2000 but that’s quite a hefty payment and so yeah that see now we see went through and it connects to the customer ID here and so we now know it’s by this customer with this payment method um you can even let’s see yeah list payment methods of customer yep

um well um I think that will need to load a little bit um anyways let’s um we’ll exit out of that um I think that the one you would use is list customers again to yeah it’s right here but I actually I was looking at list payments there we go oh well um well let’s go back to now um one of the let’s see actually there’s a comment oh yeah let’s go back now to actually

add a another payment method and then we’ll see what shows up there and so I’ll go to update customer with a let’s do a Bank redirect we could do another card but um yeah we’ll do this one and make sure we want to grab our customer ID and so this is this is just a very simple there’ll probably be more fields that would be required um but I know this is a very simple uh uh payment method type this is um at which is added and and so yeah we’ve added that

uh it’s a bank redirect you could also always check out the required Fields with Git required Fields or even a list payment method types and it’ll start to show some of the acquired fields and so here we have again the payment method ID here and so I could actually let’s do this and make it a little more because it’s a bank transfer oh we actually believe this would be I believe it would be Euros but let me just check yeah

um yeah it should be down here oh yeah there it is actually a missing payment method um let’s try this customer this one I’m so I’m just grabbing this here okay yeah so actually for this one you would need a few more payment methods our required Fields um see it was working

earlier um let’s go to actually the other one create payment or update by Bank redirect okay let’s do bank transfer um and so what we’re going to add is a bank transfer to this customer let’s make sure it’s the right one and so here we have just an AC a bank that would do ACH an ACH payment to be added to this customer um and then okay and then went through this is

the payment method ID and so let me try and add this or actually I think what we do need to do is okay just checking the example here and then let me run this oh no this is update I already updated it and then we can go back to here do this other payment try it currency not supported this is actually USD all right that went through uh awesome you know actually the error may have

been due to just the different um country but um now we have it here and and so we do see the payment method uh where is it down here payment method type it’s bank transfer and so bank transfer is a two-step of course and right now we see the status as active we could actually take this payment ID into complete payment uh welcome hackner Ugg uh we’re just doing any examples um or some examples with customer payments um and a customer object and so what I was completing payment complete bank transfer okay there we go

select in there and then how much was it it was 1-0 something 1505. awesome and now Sue so now we see the status is closed uh and we’re if we were to list relist some of the payments this would be a closed payment it’s gone through um no further action needed um awesome and so let me go back to now um we could do a checkout page um for our guest and let’s look at uh

so we have all these web hooks for from all the calls that we did um completed uh payment failed that was that um for the bank redirect yeah we got a web web hook notification for that one another payment failed one more that’s yeah that’s that same one um but then here is our bank transfer so all the notifications coming through let’s see yeah we can just do this quickly I’ll just show that it creates a customer object for so this is actually a new interface love it let me go ahead and just create a

payment so that went through finish here’s our docs and then we’ll actually take a look at this payment completed and yeah we start to see the information here uh and then here’s the the e-wallet um that actually it created as well as the customer token so this again remember this checkout page was checkout page for guest and and so for each web hook um it will spit out a customer ID that can be uh just captured with their information um yeah there’s an another notification as well webhook and that’s the the payment method type

that we used awesome so yeah we’ve covered a lot on customer um customer object and updated created one with the payment method you know without we’ll just they won’t have one but then as you add payment method that will be added specifically to the customer with a an ID and then you can create a payment um with those uh basically payment method IDs that would link specifically to the customer and be able to pay with that we did successfully for that one a card payment but also a bank transfer payment as well

you could also list customers and delete any I can let me go ahead and delete um or a list out just and uh all of our customers um and so here is uh yeah the most recent one that we added with the sepa direct um yeah the ACH bank and then the debit card and so and then there’s more down there so um awesome we will uh I’ll just pause there and um yeah um we just covered yeah creating creating that customer adding payment method creating the the payments but also creating a checkout page which for a guest and then how that through the web

hook it creates a customer ID awesome um well yeah um thanks so much for watching again if you have any questions um or any things that anything that you want to see specifically you can um click on or scan this QR code and then follow the survey and for those who fill it out we can distribute some swag for you we’d love to see any of course if you hear that living in the city we’d love to see any um yeah thoughts comments of of things you would like to see on really how to come alongside you and build your

business build your fintech product so at this time yeah I’ll just open it up for any questions hacknarag thanks thank you okay Bounty competition Pro yeah yeah um it takes a certain type of mind to be able to hack in in finding bugs and um and that so definitely I understand uh that’s not for for everyone um new to hacking in the Cyber field uh yeah that could be definitely complex but certainly needed for each company you know even now but the one thing I love is the you know I

feel like rapid itself is one of the most secure I’ve seen um almost to a point where you know sometimes you you see the the difficulty um to authenticate and but it’s one of the most secure if you like platforms um and they’re the I.T and security of Rapid is great so um would definitely spend a lot of time trying to find things the more innovation in Tech the more threat coming over to chase the Innovation yeah yeah I would agree as as maybe new uh you know new products and new platforms are available there’s new

gaps for uh you know Tech to be hacked in good ways and bad both in both ways but security is definitely definitely one of the top priorities as well um hacknack just curious uh what what projects are you working on right now anything that you’re um I mean you don’t have to say specifically but anything that you are are focusing on yeah yeah you got some projects going on nice doing a few hackathons

awesome one is related to fintech that’s awesome okay yeah um I know that nice are you building like an online tool or would it be a more point of sale like for brick and mortar um foreign one thing I haven’t seen yet is of course uh Ai and the development of that

being integrated into um payments basically but it’s it seems like more of uh resources kind of supplemental very helpful um really cool but that as that as the coolest thing I’ve seen is actually an AI that you know the AI that chops up video and that edit its for Ed edits it for you um but I haven’t seen or even thought of something that how it would work for payments um um I mean I don’t know if there’s like a PCI Compliant level AI that would you know deal with customer information but no anyways

um Hector you say building an app that’s related to support for the business holders for both wholesale and retailers to manage their income um yeah lacking that service like summary of financial sales um uh hi Hector uh thanks for coming uh just a comment on what you said I think that’s really cool that you’re building a project that handles things like that I think you know as like fintech becomes more Diversified having the ability to find these different niches and you know ways to generate reports very easily I

think can be really important for businesses so they can like easily analyze you know where their funds are flowing yeah yeah really cool awesome well uh yeah oh of course you could switch on your mic absolutely yeah feel free to um feel free to chat and talk this is what this is for yeah we started we used to start out on the stage um let me see yeah can you do you have the ability to turn on your mic or do you need to hey

hey yeah yeah we can hear you hello okay what yeah so yeah you know um [Music] so yeah so I went to I mean I’ve been to Marine hydrogance especially if you take recently yeah I mean our survival of India launched in the back of time that is related to c2bc like digital tokens for India yeah so so I I would like to ask like uh whether rapid offers said to routines like for example if I build a project using a rapid so it is there any FBI is that guy I can provide service like very increasing points for purchase

for to in order to like a rewarding for customers like is there any apis that rapid wise for this for tech service we so we went over the customer object today are you asking specifically what function related to the customer yeah for example like for example approach I considered that I’m building an e-commerce section so for each and every purchases like for example I’m buying for a number of dollars like every a small group one of two points or three points will be worried to the customers and from that point I mean the

volume changed from the platform the more you get points yeah so yeah from those parties you can purchase other things or you can provide like for example uh like consider Amazon like the more you purchase the more uh points you will get and do that those points you can do like only you can use the Amazon Prime for one month two months that’s your choice of using power in your point that the point should be good yeah so I think the wallet could be a potential hub for this type of system right now it has it holds like real

funds there yeah there could be an opportunity for this um and even these for these you know points to be even more relevant with with real funds the idea is um you know hosting uh this Financial hub for your customer so um yeah kind of like the I talked about earlier uh you may not have been here but talked about earlier just the idea of of Starbucks you know having value on their card and almost them being a bank one of the the developers and if you haven’t seen it and Discord was talking about that earlier you know earlier this year but

yeah the wall could be an opportunity for this um but also there are you know for for as as far as like linking to the customer there are uh specific reserves yeah I was like uh I was like considering gamifying experience uh sort of e-commerce website or any other platforms related to e-commerce yeah um that could be a good idea yeah that could be a good idea um have you looked at any specifically any like um companies that do are you thinking more of like uh value for businesses like Credit Value for multiple businesses or would it just

be oh yeah yeah of course there are some websites I mean in India there are some websites where you purchase personal people are purchasing singing for issue from that website you will be getting quite somewhat related to the purchase and that what yeah so for example for example if I buy a device products that is exceeding more than a thousand rupees so I will be getting points around 100.

so so with that point I mean uh with that point I can purchase another item I’m like it’s like what for me for my coaches right yeah also yeah I mean I mean in our especially like uh when it comes to fintech Applications I made the main problem for every application is that there is no customer attractive option for any apps like for example what I have done last day I mean how much I have spent my money last day or how much to spend only how much I spent last week two weeks I mean there is no service providing in any program applications

and like I just I’m just suggesting that could have been like included in more food Tech applications to manage Financial life I guess yes yeah no there is I think a few people built um uh something like that like a um the most recent was a a climate the our climate fintech hackathon um so it was tracking uh customer purchases um yeah unfortunately yeah unfortunately we couldn’t see the reading projects like yeah if on different airports we could have seen the project but in accurate there is no option to see that

right yeah yeah you know we do have probably a little bit more uh just basic as like a foundation of what you’re thinking but we do have ways to you know list payments of a customer um and connect that back with the customer ID yeah but that yeah actually yeah actually I’m creating an application that like everyone can track their own experience on their daily basis or you can create or you can get the summary or from that application and from your website you will be having a digital statistics of your payments and I mean

whatever you do like for example I’m from my small payments to structure you can track your uh like your personal uh personal financial situations yeah like I’m creating an apps because because if you’ve seen currently I mean like if you take the most of the business like uh I mean like for customer especially like uh for example like if I go to uh I mean if I if I’m only using digital payment I can track them otherwise I can’t thank you for giving me all your life the currency I might not have attention how much I

spent right like for example we are spending 50 currency or 15 euros you are dealing to some shop or and if you are you if you’re using through this okay member you can track him at the payment method right so I mean what I was telling you that you can save your conception you can save your transaction but then also in this application in my current developing application and you can bow together create your own summary and and this app will recommend how to make better payments like how to make your financial life better

through the application yeah because yeah as you said there are less companies in fintech industries that you see that integrating air I mean currently some are doing but still coming and coming yeah awesome well um we are uh we actually gone over a little bit but out of time um what I would love to continue that conversation and yeah as you’re building even seeing uh just feel free to Showcase your work and uh yeah short Discord and and you know uh the discourse at yeah um yeah I would

love to follow your journey yeah actually I’m just waiting for another help to get yeah awesome yeah so for I mean when when can participants expect the like next time like official well yeah I I can’t answer more questions um but yeah and anything that I don’t have a timeline um uh yeah we have uh some of the amas basically here to help you and and help you kind of build and in whatever you want so it’s whether you’re doing uh really um you know something related to uh you know personal finances or or

specifically any type of integration we’re gonna have more of some of these talks and yeah just really helping you uh in as you apply and hit the ground running in in production so yeah yeah awesome well thanks Hector again and thanks everyone for joining thank you um yeah thanks thanks for watching and have a great day