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Why Rapyd?

Liberate global commerce with all the tools your business needs to create payment, payout and fintech experiences everywhere.

Around the world, customers want to pay in a thousand different ways. Businesses and consumers want to get paid faster. And developers want to build new products and possibilities. Rapyd makes it happen, giving you more ways than anyone to make fintech work for your business.

With Rapyd, your business can accept and send payments to just about anyone—faster, cheaper and easier. And Rapyd clients see an average of 196% return on investment and spend 70% less time managing payments.

Whether you’re building an app, selling a product, sending payments or doing a little of everything, Rapyd has solutions that let you boldly do what you do best.

Rapyd helps:

  • Send and receive funds
  • Add hundreds of payment methods worldwide
  • Issue prepaid virtual and physical cards
  • Simplify money management and foreign exchange
  • Integrate fintech with APIs