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Rapyd Developer Session: Payments and Plugins

Follow along as Mark from the Rapyd R&D team shares with you how to integrate the Rapyd API into your product – recorded at Infobip Shift 2022.

foreign [Music] my name is Mark I’m a full stack Tech lead at rapid I’m with I’ve been with the company for over three years a few words about us rabbit is a fintech as a service Cloud platform that provides B2B solutions for collecting and dispersing funds e-wallets virtual bank accounts plugins for multiple e-commerce platforms and so on we support more than 900 payment methods and they operate in 100 countries so in my small session I’ll show you how easy it is from scratch to integrate our

API into your product and to collect your first payment so this session is more for Developers okay let’s start with terminal let’s create a folder sorry in for beep rapid info beep let’s get into this folder let’s run npm in it to initialize our packet Json nice let’s open the new created project as you can see it’s an empty project only with packet Json file so let’s create the index.

js file index.js and now we open our documentation and we are going to the section of calculation of signature just copy and paste the node.js example I’m taking this code pasting it right here so as you can see you have to fill access key and secret key and these values you have to get from a client portal a client portal is our UI platform that the designer process is just a regular one so I’ve already created here an account and just logged in here in client portal you go to the developer section and you see that

sandbox is on because we are making a dummy transaction and not real payment so I’m taking the values from this page I’m taking the secret key paste in it here and access key paste it here now we need to install cryptojs package and also I’d like to install axios or any other HTTP request Library let’s run npm I crypto Js axios nice we’ve installed these packages let’s import axios okay uh we have a get signature function and we have here headers and the request that is ready to be executed so let’s

make a small function execute rapid requests that just runs axials on this request object also we are logging the response execute rapid request terminal a node index.js nice we’ve received some response it means that the connection is established now the only thing we have to do is to switch our data to be the data of the payment object so we go back to our docs rapid net go to the section of trade payment and just take in the the example of somebody for for for payment by card I’m just copying it

pasting it here you see it should be stringify Json so I’m running Json stringify on this object I’m taking the URL path change it here and switching the HTTP method to post now let’s come back to our client portal and we’ll copy the e-wallet ID the wallet that we want that the money will go to we go to client portal go to wallets accounts let’s say create it here let’s take for example this e-wallet that currently has 100 we copy it and paste it here now we have a payment object with a amount of 10 currency USD

dollars that should come to this e-wallet let’s run the code again node index .js okay we’ve received the response it looks like the the payment was was created let’s refresh the page and we’ll see that currently our balance is 110 and we see the transactions that I’ve created just now so it’s very easy it’s really easy to to collect payments with rapid and of course you you can go to our documentation and to go through all the objects here and the there is an explanation of every field and in my

example I just used some basic one to to to make the basic payment thank you foreign ER in the back-end group and today I would like to present to you how to install a rapid payments plugin into a woocommerce shop this session is more relevant to who’s that has an e-commerce websites um so let’s start the first thing that you need to do is to sign up to the rapid platform I already have an account so I will I already signed in I will go to the plugins tab I’m just making sure that I’m toggle the

sandbox mode because I want to create dummy transactions and not the real ones then this is the multiply plugins that we have a I will choose the woocommerce one I will activate the plugin once I’m activated the plugin it’s generated in Access and secret key for us here I have a woocommerce store that I created before the session it’s a simple woocommerce store without additional things it’s a simple shop with the a t-shirt of Rapid logo I will go to the plugins Tab and I will install the rapid payments plugin

once I’m activated the plugin I can set the access and the secret key that I generated before and the rapid platform I will copy them I’m putting them here because I would like to use the test mode and not to create the real transactions and also I will check here the check box and now I will try to buy something from my store as a client I will add the T-shirt to my card and here is as you can see we have a multiply payment methods a I can buy I can pay with that for this t-shirt with card cash evolut or Bank

um here I feel I already filled my details my personal details I I will stay with the card and place the order I will use the dummy credit card because it’s not a real transaction you can choose the currency with which currency you would like to pay if it’s ILS or USD and I got a successful message and now I’m as a merchant as the owner of the store I can see my order here my new order

that created 53 seconds ago and also I can see the transaction at the rapid platform underpayments and this is the transaction that I created before so if you are searching for a solution for your e-commerce store you can use our plugins so we we have multiply plugins and thank you everyone for joining us and if you have any questions just let us know [Applause] [Music] [Music]