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Rapyd Bytes: Wallet Object

In this video, you’ll learn about the Wallet Object, and how to update, disable, enable or delete a Wallet.

hello and welcome back to rapid bites today we’re going to look at the wallets object and the rapid wallet structure wrap it as an api first company and here in rapidbytes we’ll show you how to work with our api to accept hold and disburse funds anywhere using local payment methods also i always mention we’ve got some cool stuff in our developer community right now but at this time we’ve got the coolest stuff i’ve ever seen so anyone can get involved there’s some challenges there’s prizes

there’s stuff going on all year round so be sure to explore through the link again this is a great place to connect with other developers and ask anything and then everything else going on right now is a bonus a big bonus so um really cool if you have any questions uh just comment or join in and post in the community um and so thanks again we are looking at the rapid wallet overview page in the reference guide we’re going to be working with that rapid api and working in postman with the rapid uh the wallet object and so i’m on the

rapid wallet overview page right now as i said and i just wanted to open up with just a few wallet types and so the first is you as a client of rapid you have uh hold and hold a client wallet and you can create a multiple wallets of these and each of these can have multiple contacts basically as you hold all your funds with rapid that’s where it will be held and when you can accept funds from the people that you sign up on your platform and then within the wallets that you create basically two types there’s a personal wallet and a business

wallet and it’s with type person type company in as a field and so the personal wallet you can have one contact it would just be one owner of that wallet and user and then for the business the the company type this could have multiple contacts you know as a business would have um you know several people in control of those funds and so there are several different features within a wallet the contacts as i shared and then the transactions that happen within the ecosystem of a wallet rapid wallet that you can create

and uh lastly when you do create wallets it there is an identity verification process um here is the page uh it’s actually you can create a um a hosted identity identity verification page um idv where you can generate a secure page and the person who is the owner of the wallet can have their identity verified for a kyc know your customer verification process so definitely relevant we won’t be looking at that today although that is a video that um we will be doing in the future so here’s the first api call

for rapid the wallet object create wallet i do have a video for this so i’ll link that as well just for time save we won’t create a wallet but you can do that easily with the parameters here and creating that contact and so we what we will do is kind of look at updating a wallet and maybe disabling and enabling again a wallet um retrieving and list listing wallets um as well and so we will head over to postman and so i’m just going to list some wallets um and then just grab one and so these are you can see type person

these are one contact wallets here’s some with a little bit of balance and i’ll grab that i do want to fight uh do type company now here are business wallets that that are listed and then you can also do client and so this would be the wallets that you have and you can see a as you can see has you know because i create payments and accept in different currencies has all different currencies listed but you know all wallets can can hold multiple currencies and so what i will do is i believe i copied that personal wallet and so

i will go to update and you can update um you can update phone number email and so i will go to here’s the e-wallet reference id um actually let’s go to back to retrieve wallet my wallet id so to grab um more information use the wallet id and here’s the reference so let’s just update it here and then what i’m going to do is

update the phone number all right okay and so now we can see that phone number is here um let’s see and the e-wallet reference id okay that updated and let’s try that phone number now oh there we go so here that updated here so um yeah we can see how we updated oh yeah this one is uh the other contact and so we could see that um the phone number here

for the wallet got updated um to here uh and yeah so that’s basically how you are able to update some information so you can also update email as well here and so we will go to disable so let’s disable this wallet so we’re going to paste the e-wallet id here um and so success basically it’s disabled here and we can retrieve it’s still here but you can see the status is dis for disabled and we can re-enable it and again a success will retrieve the

wallet again and now it’s a ct for active so that that’s how basically how you can um enable or disable a wallet and then now we can delete delete wallet oh just held an account uh it is held with an account and so that is good it does have money so let’s actually list a wallet and find one without an account um about this one

this one looks good to delete so we’ll delete this one and that went through so when you when we try to retrieve it it’s unretrievable because it’s deleted um awesome and so that is how you delete a wallet you can also delete contacts as well in which we’ll go through another video in wall of contact as well as just the wallet transaction object including the hosted idb page in which you verify a wallet and so yeah in this video we just learned um how to list wallets um and then retrieve a wallet by wallet id

if we wanted to update some information on a wallet like phone number or reference id and you can do also do this in email and then if needed to disable or enable a wallet and then eventually delete for your created wallets and users and so yeah um thanks for watching if you have any questions feel free to comment below or comment in our rapid developer community i’m i’m going to keep saying amazing stuff going on right now going on this year so be sure to explore through the link thanks for watching have a great day

me really cool stuff so i encourage you to go through there and explore um yeah thanks again for watching have a great day