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Rapyd Bytes: Virtual Account Number Object

In this video, you’ll learn about Virtual Accounts, the Virtual Account Number Object, how to issue, simulate a transaction, and retrieve wallet balance.

hello and welcome back to rapid bytes today we’re going to show you how to use the virtual account number object wrap it as an api first company and here in rapid bytes we’ll show you how to work with our api to accept hold and disperse funds anywhere using local payment methods be sure to check out our developer community right now we’ve got amazing things going on some growth going on and amazing prizes that you don’t want to miss out so i’ll post the link below thanks for watching again we’re looking

at the rapid api to use the virtual account number object so a virtual account acts as a bank account which allows you to accept bank transfer payments which is built on top of a rapid wallet so this the virtual account numbers are listed on top of the rapid wallet and a payment comes in through the account numbers which acts as this digital address into the rapid wallet where the funds are stored you can create multiple account numbers per wallet one for each vendor or country so for example i’m on the virtual

account numbers use case guide right now in docs and here you have the supported country codes as well as the supported countries for the different virtual accounts that you can create and so you can create different virtual accounts that would support each of these countries and here i just we just have a diagram uh so you can create a virtual account number uh you know three four uh four different uh wallets that you create in your client portal account and so when funds come in and accepted through for example virtual account number one user

wallet one uh you can identify that and basically align that with a country or a specific vendor that it is assigned to so it could be tracked in that way so i’m just going to move on into the reference page and so here we have i just want to show this now we won’t be doing this call today but just list capabilities of virtual accounts per country so you can list the country and currency and it’ll show you the different supported countries beyond in the request and then other information for that virtual count

type and so moving on to just issue virtual count we’ll be doing this i’ll be issuing a couple different uh countries here you could see the country and currency here and as well i’m going to go uh and use uh list virtual or sorry list wallet transactions um because the funds are stored into a wallet a rapid wallet this is relevant to the transactions that are received as well as receiving the balance of a wallet when it goes into the rapid wallet so moving on i’m going to head over to postman so we can get started so i created a

rapid wallet right before this i’m going to use that ewol or the wallet id starting with e-wallet underscore and i will issue a virtual account number so i’m going to grab that e-wallet right here or the id starting with e-wallet and hit send and so this was created for your reference this is in euros the currency and the country is dk for denmark and then we can see the response here uh the bank issuing id would be here um this is for the virtual count that you would reference so i’m just going to grab that there

as well as here is some of the info for the iban as well as the bank identification number so we have that there i will be creating uh another one in singapore dollar as well as singapore uh country hit send and so yeah here we go we we have the currency singapore dollar and you can see the the information is a little bit different account number um as well as the bank identification and so i will grab that id as well and so we will list virtual counts by rapid wallet actually this is one of the requests that we can look at here

and so basically whenever you issue virtual account you can list them by just the e-wallet that you created them on top of so i’m going to just paste that in and here we have you could see both of the virtual accounts that were created with the different account ids as well as the issuing ids here that you reference and so what we’ll do now is simulate a bank transfer to these i’m going to do this one first since euros is already listed let me grab that okay and we’re going to uh let’s do 150 000.

oh missing authentication headers here we go let’s grab them from here and so i’ll save that and then hit send switch over to the request and we have a success so you can see the amount here for the transaction is 150 000 um this is the transaction id which you can also reference but we will go to go back to the body uh grab the wallet transaction and so list wallet transactions um here we go and let me grab the e wallet here for that

one um actually before we do this let’s simulate the other wallet and we’ll make that 250 000. so request that and so we could see that went through the currency is in singapore dollar and let me now list the wallet transactions and so we could see both transactions come into the wallet i can even do retrieve wallet balances uh and so we we see in both uh currencies um each balance so

150 000 in euros 250 in singapore dollar so awesome we looked at uh just a couple virtual accounts and how to issue those accept and simulate the bank transfer into the rapid wallet through those virtual accounts as well as listing the transactions and grabbing the wallet balances and if we wanted to pay out uh some of that balance we could just do a disperse uh to pay that out which we can uh go over at a different video but yeah just to recap on that we just looked at some of the virtual count numbers and how to issue them

uh how to list virtual accounts by rapid wallet as well as grab the transactions in the wallet and retrieve the balances awesome so if you have any questions or comments be sure to comment below or follow up at again we’ve got some amazing prizes that will be had for developers around the world and so be sure to check out what’s going on i’ll post all the links below thanks for watching have a great day