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Rapyd Bytes: Refunds

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a refund via API, and retrieve information including the payment ID, customer ID, and refund ID.

hello and welcome to rapid bytes today  we’re going to show you how to create a   refund wrap it as an api first company and here at  rapidbytes will show you how to work with our api   to accept hold and disperse funds anywhere  using local payment methods be sure to check   out our developer community you can ask anything  fintech chat with other developers we’ve got some   great events coming to you and if you haven’t  yet click subscribe to stay up on our videos   let’s get started so thanks again we  are going to look at the rapid api to

create a refund a payment uh can be refunded as  well as a group payment that goes to a multiple   wallets this is this can be a partial  payment as well as a just full uh refund   that is refunded or partial refund or a full  refund and you can check if a payment method   specifically is refundable with the field  is underscore refundable we’ll look at that   in a little bit right now i am on the refund  object which has all the fields that will be in the response specifically status is  relevant to the status of the refund

it can be pending as it’s created  and then you’ll use complete refund   as it is completed going further under  the refund object to create refund   here all the different requests that you can  do you know with multiple sellers single seller   even fx and then as well as the parameters and  response that you’ll get and then further there’s   update and then as well as complete refund we’ll  do that today as well going over to the payment   method object here all the fields i just wanted to  point out specifically too that is refundable um

just true or false it indicates whether  the payment does support uh refunds most do   you can have something like cash where of course  there isn’t directly a an immediate refund um   to the customer and then the customer object  will be grabbing typically in the process um   the customer will be requesting a refund and so  uh it would make sense to have that customer id   who would be requesting the refund and so yeah  let’s get started i’m going to head over to   postman if you don’t have postmen ready to go  we do have a collection that you can download

and then i can link a video below on really how  to get started and start testing in sandbox with   the rapid api and that’s where i am and just in  the sandbox environment i am going to just list   the payments out that have been completed and  so just list about nine or ten um typically   this wouldn’t be the process that would uh  the workflow because again a customer would would basically request the refund you  could list payments of the customer but again this i’m just grabbing uh some of the  ids that will be irrelevant today so uh i believe

the first refund i want to do is just a  payment that was 555 and the customer token is   here and so i’m going to grab that just just to  kind of imitate the process flow and this was   done in the uk as a bank redirect  and so i’m going to retrieve customer um and so here is again the payment  id and i can retrieve payment and grab that again here is the payment 555.

um   and so what we’re going to do i just wanted  to show that to kind of grab the customer   and then grab grab that payment and um we  are going to do the refund and what you   just need to do is have that payment id um in  the parameter so i’m going to paste that in there um and so here it is pending again it’s it’s  going through and um i will do complete refund and again grab the that refund id  starting with refund underscore um and so now we have that it’s 555 success and  then status is completed so this refund has gone

through um and so i am actually going to go back  to where our payments have listed i think i have   a card uh refund and so this is um original mod  454 status for this is close i’m just going to go   directly to the refund since we know kind of what  it looks like to grab that customer id as if the   customer was requesting the refund paste in that  payment and so this is a card um a card refund uh   we can see gb mastercard and this is immediately  gone through so the status is complete um   and i will uh so finally go back to just a group  uh i believe we did a group payment actually

yes so uh this amount 999 status is  closed um and it was a group payment so   let me grab this group payment id  here and just just to list that out excuse me and then list that group payment here and so yeah um here we have a group payment  uh just 999. um and then 333 which would be the 1332 and so what i’m going to do is go to refunds collect refund object create  maybe create partial refund and so let’s actually grab the payment id

and let’s say um 100. all right and so 100 has been  completed there and then we’re going to   retrieve that and so it’ll it’ll this  is the um the uh refund here um or this   sorry this is the payment id here um and i just  want to check again uh kind of go through the uh   um the response here and then so it says refunded  amount uh about 100 i just want to reference what   it may look like so this was paid with a u.

s  visa card what it may look like to check if a payment method is refundable so we’re going  to go to list payment methods by country us   and go to just search up quickly is refundable  and so this is cash it actually says false [Music]   but then this says true and so this is  an atm debit card uh here’s a mastercard   and then more cash ach i believe the  visa of course would be um refundable uh as well so um yes true and so yeah that  is uh basically a little bit on refunds   for today we just learned how to create a refund  uh retrieve the refund retrieve payments and list

payments grab the customer id you know as if the  customer was making that direct refund as is how   the flow would work um you know check if  a payment method uh is refundable with the   with the fields is underscore refundable  and just tried a few different refunds   as well and so you can learn  more in the documentation below   just more on refunds you can ask questions  and post questions below or in our community yeah we got more  content coming for you we’re going to

post more updates here and got some cool stuff  so thanks for watching and have a great day