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Rapyd Bytes: Payment Workflow

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a payment as you walk through the payment workflow that aligns with your customer’s workflow steps.

hello welcome to Rapid bites today we’re going to go over payment workflow rapid is an API first company and here rapid bytes will show you how to work with our API to accept hold and disperse funds anywhere using local payment methods you can go to to ask any questions or comment below the links and comment section will be below of course uh thanks for being here again we’re going to take a look at the payment workflow as you accept payments with rapid there’s a workflow as you work

with the API uh and that comes along the customer workflow basically selecting your country payment methods and required Fields And as the customer makes a payment on your website or application definitely important I’m here on the get started page there’s a workflow right here but that’s different as you start to integrate and do and develop in sandbox make sure you are certified KYB and in production eventually go live uh something important just to understand as you get started as well as here a list of supported countries with

rapid you can follow the guide to create your client portal account um and here is basically the payments method pages over all the different categories here and you can head to this payments workflow kind of breakdown breaks down some of these steps that you’ll take uh you know as I mentioned before selecting the country rapid response with the API response and then you choose the payment method and then there’s required fields that you get that’s kind of uh put in all into one here and then

the response and then as the customer continues to select their payment method and I’m gonna head over to the API reference page here is Bank redirect we’ll be doing uh one of the payment Bank redirect payments here and maybe thinking um Great Britain uh or you know United Kingdom which is GB country code we’ll also be doing um maybe a card payment method but also uh this is not specifically the flow itself this is just a kind of a sequence to help you understand the interactions between the client which is you building

the product on top of the rapid API as well as you know going to the customer and then as well as to the bank and back incorporating the web hook as well and here we have basically the bank redirect page kind of under the payment methods page it has an example as well as a hosted checkout page example of what it looks like you know as the customer enters this information the country here has already been chosen which is most likely Singapore since it has Singapore dollars so you know incorporating that payment workflow as

shown here with the diagram and finally here again is the create payment API call and there are many different requests and responses I’m going to head over to postman if you don’t have Postman yet or you don’t know what it is you can check out our video I’ll post that link below as well make your first API call that will lead you to follow all the steps to open up client portal input your API keys and get started to test right away so the first call I’m going to do as I kind of head back again

is list countries so that’s going to uh kind of list all of basically every country but you can see what countries and are listed in their information as well here is GB for uh Great Britain and then pound um these will show the basically the native currency but to get to what currencies are allowed for what payment method uh we’ll have to to list payment methods by by country so again we chose GB um and so let’s find a bank redirect here is zap application I believe there is more there’s sepa and trustly let’s do trustly I see that

used often and then you can see the currencies here euros and uh GB and so this has some information on um maybe some included more fields for that payment method but until you go to get the full payment method required fields I believe I saw that get method payment method required Fields so I copied the payment method type which is GB underscore trustly underscore Bank and that is going to respond with basically all the required Fields here and so customer ID is required so typically if a customer is created that can include

everything below so that actually to make it easier that’s what I’m going to do today I will also link the customer um create a customer API call below and so that’s what um we’ll grab and we’re going to look for list customers and maybe find one with okay I see GB trustly bank so they have this payment method already and so now we can create a payment by Bank redirect and so again this will be GB trustly Bank and then this is in let’s do Euros because we saw that this accepts Euros um

in in here except zeros in the currencies so we can incorporate that let’s do three thousand again I’m working in sandbox so this is all test information and I will include the customer ID I just paste it in here as I copied that create that and that should be ready to go uh the fields any basically required fields or payment method options um should be incorporated into the customer and I believe this will be return successful one thing to note there’s an e-wallet here this will this is noting for this payment the

3000 to go into this e-wallet so if that’s not here typically it’ll go into your client wallet and so I’m going to send that here and looks like it’s a success um so we have that there is a redirect URL that you will have to follow and um that will look like this and so uh let’s just do a success for that and that’s not a password and so this is the completion page here and I’m going to now see um so there is no web hook setup um actually let me go ahead and quickly see if I can set up this web hook

this one right here um all right and let me quickly just do this again another success awesome and so now we have uh some web hook responses to that payment completed um here’s GB trustly Bank we know it’s a bank redirect um uh and the you know payment succeeded response and so yeah that was kind of the layout of a payment flow we can do payment by Card Capture and so for going back to list payment methods

by country we could do something like Visa um let’s just see what it is here uh yeah GB Visa card so we have this payment method type and then we get payment methods for that uh and then we have the fields required here is if you are going to do this by API but of course you can add this to a customer safe card details and then just do the payment method ID we’re going to skip that but then here is basically an API call to create this call and so let’s just do 1200 I believe this should be good to go

again this was GB Visa card and like all of the required Fields listed here for that card and so I’m going to go ahead and send this and again it’s a success and so we have that here is the 3DS token for this so we can go ahead and basically simulate that that’s need to put in the code only up to six for a sandbox nice and then that should go uh go through I believe there is two um yeah if you do that again there’s there would be an error and so let me check up on that payment in response um oh there it was retrieve payment

and so we see the status is closed uh amount again that 3000 oh actually that was this let me grab that I believe that’s a different one yes so that that one was successful the payment method but then also here is the card payment method 1200 so um just kind of went through a little bit of the payment flow as we’ve shown uh here a little bit this is a little bit of uh kind of paired together with getting the payment method as well as getting the payment method required Fields you know the customer inputs their information or makes the

payment you request the process to Rapid and then rapid responds with a confirmation you can always check and retrieve the payment to see if it’s successful payment a closed payment as shown here so thanks for watching if you have any questions or comments a comment below or you can post at community.rapid.

net thanks for watching have a great day