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Rapyd Bytes: Payment Method with FX

In this video, you’ll learn about two payment methods: Fast Bank Transfer and Trustly Bank Redirect. Use the Rapyd API to accept these payment methods with currency exchange.

hello and welcome to Rapid bites today we’re going to look at a couple different payment methods to make FX payments uh rapid as an API first company and here in Rapid bytes will show you how to work with our API to accept hold and disperse funds in various countries using local payment methods you can always comment below or check out our developer Community to open up a topic and ask anything on the rapid API so thanks for watching again we’re going to be looking at a couple different payment methods to make an fx

payment with rapid API so this means paying in one currency and then the client or Merchant would receive in another currency we’re going to look at bank redirect and a bank transfer and so this could work as a cross-border payment really choosing to receive funds different from what the buyer pays or vice versa and so remember just as you are working with the rapid API and handling Direct customer information this requires a PCI certification PCI compliance um this is basically payment card industry data security standards as you handle

you know pii personal information of the customer and so here I’m on the payment method type page on the API reference this will show you all the fields under the payment method type we also do list payment methods by country to look at the different information for payment methods here is that specific API call with the different information it’ll show all the different countries payment methods offered of course this is passed under the payment object and the payment method data is listed here you can learn more and

then of course we’ll create a payment with FX this is something that we’ll do with the different payment methods and we’re going to use fast the bank payment method this is in Singapore but used in APAC in many other countries the presentment currency the currency is Singapore dollar of course and then we’ll use also trustly this is a European Bank redirect payment method it actually has many different currencies uh that is allows in many different countries you can learn more about any emea or

APAC payment methods uh just go to the payment method types section under our rapid decks product guides section I’m going to head over to postman and we’re going to basically run these API calls and do that so the first thing I can do is list payment method by country and find them so let’s see this one right here we’ll close that just so you get a view and then so first we’ll do fast so we could send that and then there’s grab pay there’s all these different payment methods I can

search up quickly to find that fast uh well moving on we see that is SG fast Bank um so what we’re gonna do is go to the payment method our payment object and under I created these um specifically for today so actually fastest first and so here we do see the requested currency is Singapore dollar currency is euros um and the amount is a thousand and two fixed Side by if you oh there’s a link below uh explaining all of uh fix Side by fix side cell uh currency and requested currency so you can learn more just about the FX

Fields there and then we have uh payment fees and which is transaction fee fxv you can charge to basically earn more revenue for FX payments and so we’re going to go ahead and send this there aren’t any required Fields here for um fast bank so we’ll go ahead and send that and it looks like it is a success it went through and we have the payment ID here as well as the amount that is the with the FX conversion and the fees and so I’m going to go ahead and grab that this is bank transfer so I’m going to paste in now this

complete buy bank transfer request and then grab the uh grab the amount and so I will grab this send that uh awesome looks like it went through again 15 37.88 and the status is closed so because it was active before now this is basically the the third party confirmation um and the user would uh have some type of action with that and so I can retrieve that payment and then it should say closed with all the information here yep great and then let me go to the next payment method and that’s

trustly and so trustly another a thousand in two currency is Singapore dollar but the requested currency is Euros fixed Side by and so we know if this payment method is basically European the crust of currency is what the customer will be paying in and the client can receive a Singapore dollar that’s happens when fixed side buy but when fixed sites is sell they actually flip and so here we’re going to send the funds to this wallet as well as add on these fees so we’ll go ahead and send this um and again looks like it went through

here is the the currency exchange amount with the added fees and I’m going to grab the payment method ID here the status is active and I’m going to just go actually back here where it has complete payment and grab oh not that one um yes grab this original amount let’s confirm that and then send that up error update payment ah got it so actually this is because it’s a bank redirect uh what we’re going to do is um this wonderful URL and of course this is a simulation and and so naturally Bank redirect will

generate that um and generate a URL for the user to log in so this is just the simulation of the user logging in so you can send that and of course that went through if there’s a complete URL that would send it to you send you there send the customer there and so now actually I’m going to grab that so that’s the difference between the bank redirect it’ll it’ll send the customer automatically and then now it’s closed um and so that was for trustly Bank we can also grab that if we wanted to

with all the information a couple fields that we did include was email and customer and so if we go back to that request we see the email here it’s just a test email and then the customer ID awesome so we just walked through a couple payment methods Great Britain trustly Bank as well as fast Bank payment method that’s a bank transfer and then the trustly is a bank redirect and we walk through how it would look like to confirm and complete the payment uh if you have any questions you can again comment below or open up a topic

at thanks for watching have a great day