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Rapyd Bytes: Hosted Checkout Page with Requested Currency

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a Hosted Checkout Page with Requested Currency, also known as presentment currency.

hello and welcome to Rapid bites today we’re going to create a hosted checkout page with requested currency wrap it as an API first company and here in Rapid bytes we’ll show you how to work with our API to accept hold and disperse funds anywhere using local payment methods comment below or join our Discord and Forum to connect with our developer Community you can ask anything fintech so thanks for watching again we’re going to be creating a hosted checkout page with requested currency this can also be referred to as

presentment currency or currency that the customer sees and pays in while you may receive a different currency into your client wallet uh to be able to then eventually settle into your bank account and so here I am on the uh create checkout page uh in our API reference um docs and so here we see that all the different parameters and different requests the body parameters um and these are the different uh kind of uh body parameters here that you could set up of course card with requested currency is here as well

um one thing I do want to know is our supported currencies page is now up on our docs it basically shows a full list of currencies across rapid collect disperse issuing and wallet I love it um one thing that I will jump to here is uh here again is uh presentment currency we see the definitions of different types of currencies according to the platform you know collect disperse issuing and wallet um here is uh in Virtual accounts you see different currencies uh the wallet uh you know being able to disperse in different currencies and accept

different currencies it’s all listed here great resource I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a specific currency uh jumping back to this page here is again the field requested currency uh in a video uh called hosted checkout page with FX I do explain a little bit about when fixed side is cell fixed side is by um just kind of uh we can think of the requested currency as uh or presentment currency as kind of what is being shown and paid by by the customer um and I want to move on uh back to this

checkout page example you we can see the country is Singapore currency is Singapore dollar requested currency is USD and so that’s something we’ll be doing I do have uh just a web hook test site set up that I put up from my client portal uh webhooks are are incredibly important as trigger events um especially for third party as they happen and so um I’m gonna just X out of here and I am in Postman uh working in Postman I love working in Postman if you don’t have our collection you can download that in the

link below and what follow the video on how to get started of course you can kind of build on the starter collection right here with the requests but right now I’m going to look at uh create checkout page and so I’m just going to copy this and go to oh actually let me copy the whole thing because that will help I know it again requested currency and so we could do USD you know we could do Singapore dollar um as well uh but right now here is Great Britain um uh British pounds I’m gonna remove this just so

um kind of it shows dynamically different payment methods and now here we have my customer ID go ahead and send that and so now it’s going to open up um different uh options to either pay by card or use a different card and I’m gonna so I’m gonna just go ahead and pay that um and it’s going to go through and so now we have of course our 3DS simulator I’ll just punch in the code and we got a Web book and so that’s payment completed um you know payment seceded here it’ll have the customer ID card ID

um you know e-wallet as well as the payment ID and so if I go and retrieve that spell payment let’s see retrieve payment again it’ll show closed hey I’m going to uh now do uh Singapore and Singapore dollar and cool so we have now again a card uh you you can enter card details in Virtual account bank transfer I love that um and so we have that here you could use that you know I’ll just send that payment and then of course it’ll show you details uh on what to follow to complete that that order but here I’m

just working in sandbox so you’ll get the right information to send that to and it’ll give you directions so kind of like the third party um uh information on where to wire that to um go ahead and click finish there’s our our dinette website and then again we have uh basically uh the web hooks for that uh here is actually a Singapore virtual uh basically the virtual account that was created as well as you know payment succeeded here and so uh awesome uh so we basically just did um presentment uh currency or also called

requested currency uh where you can generate a checkout page and basically present a different currency in uh your country or what is being accepted um compared to what the customer wants to pay and just the amazing capabilities of being able to accept um funds you know anywhere using a local payment method of your customer so if you have any questions feel free to comment below uh connect with us on Discord or discourse again we take a look at the checkout page and the requests just chimed in on this new supporter currency page I recommend

checking that out as well looked at the requested currency and did a couple different requests and from British pounds to Singapore dollar paying in USD so again thanks for watching have a great day