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Rapyd Bytes: Hosted Checkout Page with Custom Elements

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a Hosted Checkout Page with custom elements. Follow along in generating a request in Postman, troubleshooting webhook responses, getting a successful response, and simulating a payment error.

hello and welcome to Rapid bites today we’re going to look at how to create a checkout page with custom elements rapid is an API first company and here in Rapid bytes we’ll show you how to work with our API to accept hold and disperse funds using local payment methods first I did want to announce and just go through that there is a newly redesigned checkout page I love this new look it’s really clean and I love the size of these cards here as I expand it on my screen again a checkout page is if you haven’t

got looked into the rapid checkout page and hosted lucians I’ve created a link below for some more videos but again these are hosted Solutions which includes as you can read here uh PCI DSS certified this means able to manage customer information and meet those requirements and the regulation and so as I move forward again we’re going to look at the rapid API to create a checkout page with custom elements this means additional fields in the request that you can add for example something like including the collecting the

billing address for the customer collect having holding already the Custer card holder name again the customer uh and then there’s also uh descriptions uh showing uh currency and payment info on the page Auto saving your customers card and so there’s a list of custom elements here that will be included the fields the name and then the description of each on the API reference here on the rapid Docs and so I’m going to go ahead and move forward I do have included this web hook URL and so as we make the calls webhooks

should be showing up and including the one where it saves customers requests so I’m just going to head over to work in Postman you can download the rapid Postman collection in Docs and you can look as I’m doing these requests even add new requests for yourself by duplicating them but I’m going to search up Checkout uh page with custom elements uh just typing there we go now I can spell it and so here we have the example of the request this is a little bit more than what you would see in the API reference page but

you could just you know copy what’s in there and then add it to here and again these were some of the fields on the rapid API reference guide and so here we’re just going to do uh the amount uh 155 and a complete payment URL that is listed wrong it’s not let me correct that all right and save that and uh we have Singapore Singapore dollar is the country in currency here is the error payment URL we’ll make sure to do an error replicate an error in sandbox here the merchant reference ID a custom

reference for the client Merchant here’s actually a description that will go into the checkout page you’ll be able to actually see this line written and again because we have display description true and here now we see the custom elements section billing address will be collected a card holder name will be set in the page already displayed description will be true again and then save card default if you have any questions on this you can comment below take a look at the API reference page or go on to post a question

and I’m just going to send this and so we now we have a success for that and the operation ID here’s the checkout page reference if we wanted to retrieve a checkout page we would use this ID and copy it into the parameters and now we have the redirect URL so this is where the customer will be redirected to once they make that complete request and so now again we see that the same design as the page this is a new design so I’m just going to quickly fill out this card information and complete this payment

I’m filling out the card date and then we have the card holder name pay and now we have a successful payment here and as I finish it’ll go to the complete page and so that should be going through let me just double check all right um let’s see if we have the collect customer card added all right uh well let me actually complete this payment make sure it’s so status is new um and then

I can actually retrieve this retrieve checkout page and here we go and then now here is the payment I can retrieve payment and see the status of this payment all right the payment should be closed and so let me head back to the webhook hmm let’s try another one and this time I’m just going to go directly to

here and then actually yep I’ll go directly to from this request payment country we’ll do you know Kingdom uh we’ll do a thousand and this actually this example will trigger 3D yes I believe oh there we go it actually has to be more than a thousand so okay and so here we go um it has a payment succeeded payment completed and so let me go back to the API now and I’m gonna do over a thousand and this is actually going to trigger the 3DS

and now say we hear we have this John Doe one two three four five six and so as one of the things for uh when the one of the triggers for sandbox is if you create a payment that is more than a thousand uh up to two thousand if it’s over two thousand it’ll trigger sandbox errors so just all simulation money uh it’ll trigger the 3DS and um yeah oh it looks like that went through I guess I had just saved it so um needs a little time but here we see now the the payment over a thousand it um goes through

and the you know uh here is the 3D verification um here’s basically the page and the the payment method that we used here and now here is the other payment completed that has gone through as well and and so here we see a customer name card information that is saved as well and and so yeah we have these uh payments succeeded and completed uh web hook I um web hooks that has passed through and so let me do actually one more just to show you as this changed and point out um with the payment and so as we have a payment via checkout I can head to this

this is where it says here payment via checkout and so I will do the title of this uh what we’re doing here payment or checkout page checkout page with custom elements and here we’ll do back to Singapore Singapore dollar and I’ll go back and so here here’s the description checkout page with custom elements let’s see we’ll do grab pay wallet and now we’re actually going to simulate an error and so we could do success and that will trigger a successful payment but we’re

actually going to do an error and I’m going to click pay here and of course we designated rapid docs for that to go there you could designate any page where the user is redirected the customer let’s hey let’s go to tutorials and learn how the how this works and so I’m let me go back to the web hooks here we got two more um here is the uh notification basically for that it first went through and this is how we it would say hey this is connected you’ve gone through to um now the customer logs into their

their own third-party login page and so that part was was successful but then of course payment failed now and that showed here in this web hook um and if we also get this payment ID I can retrieve the payment that will also show it has failed and so the response here is a success but here we see the status is error here and you can check out again I’ll link that in the description below of the different statuses and and what they mean for each and here we see the description and so um yeah there is uh now different fields

that you can add under the custom elements even some reverse reserved Fields as a merchant color some of the custom Fields I’ve also included in the checkout page with FX and those can be um seeing those videos can be watched I’ll link those below as well let me know if you have any questions or comments you can comment below or again go on community.rapid.

net open up a topic and ask any question and connect with other fintech developers so we just learned how to create a checkout page and add some of the custom elements connect them and receive some of the web hooks back for a successful payment with with 3DS and then also one with an error again thanks for watching have a great day [Music]