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Rapyd Bytes: Hosted Checkout Page with Additional Fees

In this video, you’ll learn how to Generate a Hosted Checkout Page with additional fees you can charge.

hello and welcome to rapid bites today we’re going to look at how to generate a hosted checkout page with additional fees wrap it as an api first company and here in rapid bites we’ll show you how to accept hold and disperse funds anywhere using local payment methods be sure to check out our developer community we got some amazing contests going on right now thank you to everyone joining amazing prizes so be sure to join it’s community.rapid.

net you won’t want to miss out so thanks for watching again we’re going to generate a hosted checkout page with additional fees so a hosted checkout page is a secure pre-built web page for you to direct to your your customers to and accept purchases into your store basically into your rapid client account so rapid hosted checkout page is pci certified payment card industry to handle credit card information securely that’s up to industry standards this is the value of hosted checkout pages as well as many others and so i am on the api

reference right now with the create checkout page api call and here you could see uh it’s a post request um as well as uh the end point here and the fields for the body parameters and then the request here checkout page with additional fees and this is the request example as well as the response down below you can select i’m going to head over to the just the checkout page object with some of the response fields uh and if we scroll down here we can see there’s a payment fees object in which is in the request

here below and i will head over to the payment fees object with the transaction fee object to explain some of these so we have the transaction fee which contains either the fx fee or the gross fees or the payment fees contains the fxv or the transaction fee and then these the gross and net um fees field is explained here uh under calc type and so if it’s net um that then that will be subtracted from what is accepted into the account so if you are accepting for a seller or for maybe a marketplace or someone that you’re generating

the account um or the checkout page for four the five dollar fee or five percent fee will go into a designated client wallet while the recipient receives um you know the ninety five dollars in the example of 100 dollars five percent fee and then gross uh the gross fee would just be added on top so it would be if there’s a five percent in um a hundred dollars the sender will see the additional fee and pay that directly and so of course we have the different examples percentage or absolute which is the fixed amount

and the value and where it was inputted and we have here we have the fx fee as well does the same make up with net and gross we won’t be doing this today uh just specifically focusing on the transaction fee here so i’m going to head over to postman here you can follow a video or a guide to download our postman collection and get started i will link that below and i can search up just the checkout page i have added an additional call here just by going to a similar call and duplicating that and adding the correct request body

here as you can see the url is a slash checkout this is a variable set for the sandbox and it’s similar to other checkout pages and so we have the amount 700 on the country and currencies singapore and singapore dollar i don’t have any payment methods or categories um designated so all of the payment methods will show up for singapore and then here we have the payment fees object and the transaction fee within that the calc type is gross which means it’ll be added on top if you remember as well as the value

it’s two percent um so designated as percentage here so i will go ahead and send that and success we see status is new as well as here is the checkout page id as well as the url here so i’ll click here so i can pop up oh looks like i’ll just pull it up and so here we have just all the options again uh for singapore designated and then the transaction fee it’s two percent and comes out to 14 singapore dollars um added on top so the the payer the customer sees that and so i’ll just use grab pay ewallet

to include on that and then here is uh just the redirect and the the bank pay simulation login so username and success and looks like it was complete this is the in the request the complete payment url for third party and so let me grab the checkout page and retrieve it and you could see the status is done for this the id in which we grabbed again the amount is 7 14 the status for the actual payment is closed so this would the done would apply to the checkout page this would apply to closed if this was maybe a a different bank transfer or

cash this would would still remain active and the third party you would have to complete that payment on that next step but i can grab actually the payment here just by using the payment id and again here we see that total paid 714 the status is closed payment v via checkout grab pay is the type and then scrolling down the gross fees include 14 in the transaction fee um it’s two for and for percentage um and it went into this uh e wallet which is uh all together so um yeah and so

here we did the uh hosted checkout page we generated uh that with additional fees and transaction fees and um just showed you how to accept that and retrieve the checkout page as well as the payment as it is completed and so thanks for watching be sure to comment or follow up with any questions either in the video or here on our community and we love to hear from you and just what some videos you want to watch or anything any new content so again thanks for watching have a great day