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Rapyd Bytes: Hosted Checkout Page Using Categories

In this video, you’ll learn how to Generate a Hosted Checkout Page using Categories for your payment methods.

hello welcome back to rapid bites today we’re going to look at how to use the hosted page using categories rapid is an api first company and here at rapid bytes we’ll show you how to work with our api to accept hold and disperse funds anywhere using local payment methods be sure to also check out our developer community right now we’ve got some incredible prizes and there’s a great challenge going on as well as some hackathons so you can sign up at community.rapid.

net so thanks for being here again we’re looking at the hosted checkout page using categories so i’ve selected just the request right here and looking on the checkout page object specifically create checkout page that’s what we what we’ll be doing [Music] together and you can as you can see here a couple categories in this request um and then the response as well uh if you head over to the payment types overview page uh in our docs um you can see just the different categories the payment method categories here

and within these different categories are the different payment method types specifically and so we’ll also uh look at uh some of the requests to grab those i’m just gonna head over to postman and and we’ll get started and so the first um thing as you uh just look into your country and decide where you are going to do business um this is really uh on our documentation one of the first api calls you can do and is just select your country and find the two letter code the country code as well as the currency

and then you’re going to maybe look at the payment method type and so um this is by country and so you’re gonna grab you know uh singapore for uh sg for singapore um and we’ll have all the information specifically on that payment method and you can see the category is listed here and which is e-wallet if it’s card it will say card here and then e-wallet they have a lot of e-wallets uh and then there’s also uh bank redirect um you know bank transfer as you can see uh here on this page and so i’m just gonna go ahead and go to

the hosted checkout page uh and we’re just not gonna include a customer uh this time let’s see what the example shows in the reference guide okay yeah no customer here and so um let’s just do singapore maybe 300 and here are the complete and error payment urls check out um we do explain this in our documentation whether it’s for you know if there’s air making the payment or if there’s a third party uh um just 3ds verification in that process so

we’re going to go down the line and the currency in singapore is singapore dollar so uh we’ll just use that but also you know you could use euros to pay but we’ll just use that um sgd and so here are is a payment method included and so if you include this or specify this it will uh include that specific payment method um and and have that but we what we are going to do is uh to state the payment method categories here you know as well as there is exclude and so just want to put a comma there so there’s card cash and then let’s just

do uh bank redirect um but then also e-wallet is is pretty popular you know actually uh yeah i’ll put e-wallet um and so that should just be uh the categories that we will include and i’m gonna send the request all right and it is successful i will grab that and so here we see the checkout page so you see card and you know as you enter your details it’ll detect mastercard jcp visa the specific card that you have um here’s you know cash options where you can go to the local vendor and pay cash it’ll send a

qr code or basically a code id to reference that here is just the bank redirect where you give your information as well as e-wallet and so i want to pay e-wall today um so okay go ahead and here is our sandbox simulation [Music] click pay and then here is the url that would be for the complete payment url so example.

com complete so there you have it that is uh how to specify categories uh when you are creating a hosted checkout page uh for your guest um on your website so uh be sure to check out uh again if you have any questions um our developer community you can ask any questions references referencing this video or just comment um down below uh thanks again for watching uh today we just covered grabbing uh the country uh the payment method category listing it in your request and then following up with the payment so again thanks for watching hope you have a great day