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Rapyd Bytes: Create Split Payment

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the Create Split Payment request, list your ewallets, test in Postman, and retrieve your wallet transactions.

hello and welcome back to rapid bytes today we’re going to show you how to create a split payment request by percentage rapid is an api first company and here on rapidbytes we’ll show you how to work with our api to accept hold and disburse funds anywhere using local payment methods be sure to check out our developer community also in the link below where you can ask anything fintech and chat with other developers and if you haven’t yet click subscribe to stay up on our videos let’s get started

so thanks again today we are here using the rapid api to create a payment split by percentage payment splits can be used something like delivery delivery services where percentage is delivered into a separate wallet it can also be used for other services like dog sitting service or where a servicer is provided and the service provider is getting paid and then the client takes a percentage of every service or transaction so i’m here on the use case guide for split payment this is highlighting split payment by amounts so you can go and

look down for some of the workflow here i’m going to head over to the payment object on our ref and here you can see on the right uh i’ve highlighted split payment by percentage uh and there there’s three wallets there if you uh put the percentage and then put null for the for the remaining wallet it will take uh the rest of the percentage uh or split if it’s if it’s two um and so i will actually highlight split payment by amount here uh and then you as you could see it just says amount and that’s that just

directly the amount that it will split today we’re also going to be using the list wallets api because we are going to have to grab uh wallet ids and so that will be something that we’ll grab and then put into the payload and i will head over to postman i’m working in postman and we already have uh some list wallet so actually i will type person here and that’s a success and so we have uh our wallets listed here so i’m just gonna grab one and then go over to [Music] create payment split by percentage so

i will paste in this wallet here and this wallet here and a few things on the payment split you could do two to ten wallets and add two to ten wallets for the split uh paying directly into the wallets is especially useful when uh for rapid when your employees don’t have bank accounts so that’s a a good way and they could grab cash at their their local store of course i can leave that for another video but another thing that is rapid enables the employer to pay multiple employees just in that single transaction

by splitting the wallets in that they’ve created in client portal and so yeah i will go ahead and actually change this up a little bit a hundred uh so the amount will be a hundred or currency is the us dollar um the payment type that is paying for this transaction is a as a visa card you could also do mastercard and other us payment methods or really anything that that is available that we have as a payment method in which case i will also link our api call list payment methods and get the required fields for each payment

method and so here is the card information and the description is just split payment example 90 10 let’s do um about 75 will be the actually you know what for this one we will do the client client wallet and so it’ll be um kind of like a transaction of the company and so this will take about 25 percentage percent of uh the transaction while this is the personal wallet and uh one thing to note if you don’t put uh the full percentage here let’s say this is like five and it’s another personal wallet uh right now this is i listed just the

client wallet um this then the it will automatically go to the client wallet and you um so the client wallet will take the remaining amount so we can go over that in one of the next examples but i’ll just click send here and so here is the full amount of the total and then the breakdown for each wallet 25 and 75 and so let’s grab this e wallet or actually it would be this one it’s the personal and all right and so yeah this is the total balance of of usd it was just added to the the total of that which is in that that

wallet so i can go to wallet transactions list wallet transactions and all right and so i believe this is the most no it would be 75 this would be the most recent uh wallet transaction for this specific wallet and it took 75 and then again there this is the balance this was the previous balance uh to 11. um awesome and so let’s go over to our documentation actually i want to grab split payment by percentage and i’m just going to grab this from our documentation paste it in and so these aren’t our

e-wallets in our client portal account and so i’m going to list out some wallets and let’s do company let’s say the people who are doing the services are getting paid our sole proprietors uh and they are uh companies that they’re getting paid and then the last one test company and so yeah here is let’s do 60 and then just 10.

10 and then no awesome so here’s the total amount um and then here is the percentage and then the resulting amount so six uh ten percent of 60 60 and then 48. i want to do one last example and let’s say um yeah we could do the same same thing but let’s do five percent five percent oh and actually we have an error because of that comma and so that went through total again is 60 and then as we go down there’s uh

there’s three percent three percent and then you notice this percentage here well actually this is the client wallet um that it went to as you can see it’s not listed here but if you don’t list it and then don’t put the full percentage then the remaining will go to the client wall and we could see the balance there it’ll be 13 9 74 and here are the transactions that we could check out and so here’s the previous balance um 13 920 and then plus 54.


uh here’s the the remaining in usd yeah so let’s go over to client portal where we could follow up on all of our transactions so actually if i go to collect and then payments here are some of the transactions we did a hundred 60 and then 60 and then i’ll go to wallets transactions and here are basically all the the transactions so uh that here is i remember the um five percent of the 60 and then the the actually it would be the um 48 and then here is the 75 percent um these wouldn’t show the client portal

but of course we could see the balance here um and so here are some of the transactions that went into the client portal as well that that last 54. so yeah that is a split payment by percentage um which we walked through today uh how to grab your wallet how to create a payment card a split payment request um by percentage and i just showed you briefly uh about what it would be by a mount and a few breakdowns to split up between personal wallets uh company wallets your client wallet and yeah just to wrap things up today

if you want to join our developer community it’s at link in the description and you can check out our guides use cases and api reference resource links uh in in the links below alright thank you so much for joining us have a great day