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Rapyd Bytes: Create Checkout Page

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the Hosted Checkout Page, test in Postman, retrieve the checkout page, and list your payments.

hello and welcome to rapid bytes today we’re going to show you how to create a checkout page wrap it as an api first company and here in rapidbytes we’ll show you how to work with our api to accept hold and disperse funds anywhere using local payment methods be sure to check out our developer human community in the link below where you can ask anything fintech and chat with other developers and if you haven’t yet click subscribe let’s get started so thanks again for joining us uh as i said today we’re going to create a

checkout page with the rapid api you may have seen our checkout integration video or some of the walkthroughs that’s a great full walkthrough for integrating your checkout page i’ll post it in the link below amazing video to to work through every step but today we’re just going to look at the api in postman and walk through some of the steps our checkout page is one of the most commonly used hosted pages among other pages including safe card details save beneficiary details uh and more and and i’ll put the links

in the description as well but as for our host checkout page which we’ll be looking at today one of the most popular products and one of the most simplest way to add more payment methods for your business with a checkout page the hosted checkout page you could add hundreds of payment methods right off the bat and add more as you grow your services services with rapid you could specify a specific type of payment or include different payments and they also filter depending on your country so right here i am on the

use case guide doc for the house of checkout page integration steps so this will show you how to walk through and all the steps if you go above there’s our checkout page which has the also toolkit integration overview as well as a hosted page and of course you can see the individual pages i’m going to head over to our checkout page object on our reference guide for all the fields and the descriptions of each field name in the object and if you go to the checkout page api call which is a post call you could see all of the

different features that are included for different payment methods that you could use that shows the different requests and the responses and so i will go over to the next page which is the supported languages that are offered for the checkout pages you can check them out there’s an api call list checkout page supported languages of course today we will be working in english but you could use all of these languages for your checkout page and then we will also use today list payments as well as we are grabbing

the payment that is completed another call that we’ll use is retrieve checkout page just to show how the payment id will show up after the payment is made so i’m going to head over to postman and we can get started and so first thing i’m going to do is actually list payment methods by country and so today we will do just th for thailand and i’ll send that call and so here are the different payment methods for thailand i’ll i’ll just look for let’s say just a simple card so visa card oh i’ll make sure to grab

that and then we’ll head over to create a checkout page and so we have customer and guest i’ll do the guest first and so this is of course the option when customers choose guest we’ll do let’s say 45 and th i believe it is but but we can actually check it out list currencies yeah i just bought here and i will go back to the checkout page and so here we have the amount the complete payment url is where the url will be will redirect the customer will be

redirected after they complete the payment altogether so something like bank redirect or an e-wallet or even cash they’ll complete it on the third party website or login and this is where they’ll be redirected of course error p payment url is where they’ll be redecorated redirected with if there is a payment error and then complete checkout url that’s directly after they hit complete or finish on the checkout page so that could be something like card where their input their card information click finish

it’ll go to that website and and then i’m going to head down of course we have language right here is ian for english and the payment method types if you do put a payment method type in here so i will put the visa card this will be the only thing that shows up and then of course you could put multiple let me put actually one more something like here there’s this bank and so we can just have the example of two two payment methods used and of course actually if you put nothing it’ll offer all the payment

methods available for that for that country for what you have and the expiration date we’ll just put zero and if you want to exclude anything specific you could put it here and it won’t be on the page so i’ll hit send and here is the redirect url we could click that and it will go to the site but actually i’m going to retrieve the page retrieve checkout page and then i’ll paste in the checkout id which i grabbed right here and i’ll hit send and so here again you have the same call just grabbing it

what i do want to point out is there’s the payment id here it’s null because the payment has not been made yet and so i’ll make sure to uh okay it is let me just pull up the page as it appeared below there we go and so here it is we have the visa card to log in and then the bank prompt to pay and so i will include that i’m just typing in some test all info no we don’t and then finish and so it looks like payment successful and then of course it has redirected to docs.rapid.

net which is if you go back uh in our request uh that is the complete checkout url so it’s f that’s uh where the url will redirect right after uh you plus finish on the checkout page and so actually we will go to let’s see 1 75 or 1. 74. okay um and we will actually remove these and or i’ll remove this one and i am going to not have visa as an option and so put it like that and i’ll show you all right and oh uh one thing actually that we will

check for the last before we make this next call check for this last uh one you can now see the payment id for the 45 amount and it showed up here and you can also go to list payments uh two just increase it to five but it’s going to be the first one anyways because it’s most recent and so here you have the that payment id and so let me go back to now this call for the new checkout page and here’s the redirect url again the payment id is null of course it let me pull it up it keeps showing my other monitor uh encode so you have

here all the payment methods available but american express massacre no visa because we decided not to include it and yeah and so let me actually uh just let’s do an e wallet so or no we can do a bank so just bank bangkok bank and then so this is just a test login i’m logging into the bank credentials to pay and going to complete the payment and so now it’s completed so this is the example domain if we go back that is the complete payment url so it’s going to redirect to that url once you complete the payment from

that third-party website so um we can actually do list payments again and here is the 174 the status is closed and it’s the bank redirect the bank payment and so also let’s go now to a checkout page for customer and so we’ll keep doing tai tai bot and so actually we can do list customers we do have a customer that should be yeah okay uh ty man uh and they have

a payment method here ty customer and then a visa card there we go okay and i will include actually let’s include the the complete checkout url right here there we go and then it’s in english not grab pay we can actually just remove everything and actually this time yeah let’s actually you could just call it and it will show

all right hold on let me try to oh all right it keeps showing up down below but i’ll pull it up all right and so here you can see that the card is already saved this is a customer that we had just created with the thai visa card and then everything else available and so let me place the order and then this is going to go to the finish page and then it’ll go to the docs page which is the complete checkout url awesome and i will grab that payment um oh yes we had to set it at 123 45 currency thp tai bot um payment via checkout and then here is

the payment type uh by tai thai customer which was the name on the card so yeah um awesome so we walked through how to create a checkout page uh grabbing some customer payment methods and walk through how to include some of the payment methods or exclude some of the payment methods and then grab them with the with the payment id retrieve the checkout pages but also list payments as well awesome to close things up i just want to remind you if you have any questions at all be sure to check out our developer community

on amazing content and just opportunity to ask anything that you want connect with other developers we also got some good content coming for you some developer talks that you guys will love to hear and and just check out so again thanks for watching hope you have a great day you