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The Rapyd ISO Advantage

An in-depth guide for enhancing payment offerings through Rapyd’s Independent Sales Organisation Partner Programme

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Why independent sales organisations choose Rapyd inside a tablet

Find out how to streamline card acquiring, speed up onboarding, grow sales and drive customer loyalty.

ISOs must cater to a wide range of merchant requirements. As the global payments landscape grows increasingly complex, you need an acquiring partner that can simplify onboarding and payments management for you. 

This ebook is your manual for enhancing your merchant services through Rapyd’s payment processing. 

Download this guide to learn how to gain unique advantages through faster onboarding, high acceptance rates, omnichannel capabilities and white glove service and support. 

  • Access a single-platform global acquirer 
  • Onboard merchants faster
  • Industry leading POS capabilities
  • Gain best-in-class card acquiring from a principal member of Visa and Mastercard

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