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The UK Merchant's Playbook for the New Era of eCommerce

Grow local and cross-border sales with this roadmap to uncovering UK payment trends and a global card acquiring strategy.
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Grow Online Sales in the UK and Beyond

In this guide, you’ll learn how consumers’ shopping habits and payment preferences have changed since the pandemic and how to optimize your ecommerce and payment strategies for consumers in the UK and beyond.

  • How consumer behavior has changed worldwide
  • Digital commerce strategies to reach new customers
  • Strategies to localize commerce
  • Top countries and product categories to grow sales

Dive into Consumer Behavior and Payment Trends

When it comes to paying online with credit cards, the UK leads the European region, with 54% of online transactions paid for by card. But around the world, it’s a different story. Credit cards are only used for around 23% of online transactions worldwide. That number is likely to decrease as alternative payment methods like bank transfers and ewallets continue to gain in popularity.

New Innovations for UK Merchants

In the UK, Open Banking has created a surge in fintech innovation around ways to make and accept payments, giving businesses the ability to reach new markets and new consumers faster and easier than ever before.

This ebook covers what UK businesses need to know to localize their shopping and payment experiences to meet the expectations of a global market.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many card networks that are popular in different parts of the world. These include JCB in Japan, Elo in Brazil
and UnionPay in China — not to mention numerous local card schemes. To offer a truly international card acceptance solution, you need a payment provider that can accept a variety of credit card schemes. Download the report to learn more.

This report draws on Forrester data from over 6,000 consumers around the world to reveal how habits and preferences have changed since the pandemic. Download the report for details.

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