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Playbook for the New Era of Digital Commerce

Forrester Research Points the Way Forward for Businesses and Professionals
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Grow Sales Globally with Unique Insights into Europe’s Top Payment Methods

Created using data from a Forrester 2020 Consumer Technographics® Survey, this playbook uncovers how consumer behavior is changing and identifies new digital trends and behaviors. Use these insights to drive digital transformation, tap new consumer ecommerce trends and grow sales globally with local payments.

Inside this Playbook

  • How consumer behavior has changed across major markets worldwide
New consumer purchasing and behavioral habits, what they are doing more and less of
  • Digital commerce strategies to reach new customers
  • Strategies to localize commerce and payment experiences for new markets
  • The top countries and product categories to grow sales cross-border

A Massive eCommerce Digital Transformation Is Underway

The tectonic shift in how people live, work and shop will impact businesses across the globe. Merchants are scrambling to adapt. This playbook provides insights that will help you understand how digital commerce is evolving, anticipate new opportunities and lead in the new era.

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Europe’s Payment Landscape Is Evolving Quickly

Use this research to drive sales, increase cart conversions and reach more customers by accepting the most popular payment methods in Europe. Download your European Payments report now.

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