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Rethink eCommerce & Digital Goods

Rethink Online Payments

Shift Your eCommerce and Digital Goods Business from Convenience to Conversion.
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Payments Are The Secret Sauce For Online Sales Success

The global ecommerce market is rapidly expanding and expected to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026.

Discover important business insights you can use to make informed decisions, optimize your payment strategies, drive revenue growth, and navigate the evolving landscape of ecommerce and digital goods successfully.

Use this Rapyd Research to:

  • Understand consumer payment choice preferences by region
  • Why a single integration solution grants access to global customers
  • Tips on how to maintain stability in fluctuating markets
  • What you can gain from multi-currency payment solutions and recurring payments

About the Study

Earlier this year, Rapyd conducted a research study to understand the payment preferences and challenges faced by business-to-business cross-border companies in seven markets. The report is based on responses from 300 ecommerce and digital goods businesses in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, the UK, and the US.

Learn more about how ecommerce and digital goods businesses accept payments, disburse payouts and their current business outlook from global payments leader, Rapyd.