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A woman stands at the reception and smiles

Payfacto UK Case Study

August 21, 2023

Rapyd is revolutionizing the customer point-of-sale experience for hospitality giant PayFacto in the UK. Learn how Rapyd supports PayFacto.

A woman builds a delivery box

With Rapyd, Spreedly's payment orchestration platform customers can accept cross-border payments around the world.

A gig worker representing gig economy trends

Rapyd helps Kontempo offer wholesalers a Buy Now, Pay Later solution in Mexico, increasing their sales and lowering risks for business owners.

A man uses Littlepay and Rapyd's Contactless Payments to make a payment.

Littlepay is transforming public transit. Rapyd helps Littlepay improve the experiences of millions of passengers with contactless payments.

A shipping and logistics professional receives a payment using Kadmos and Rapyd.
Cross-Border Payouts

Learn how Kadmos and Rapyd offer global shipping companies a way to securely pay seafarers anywhere in the world.

A woman studies on her laptop for the PayMyTuition Case Study
Cross-Border Payments

Rapyd’s ability to deliver popular payment methods in Latin America and Asia supported growth in six countries.

A woman send a payment link with Rapyd

Gotrade enables investors in 150 countries to buy and sell US stocks. Rapyd helps create a brokerage app with an unmatched user experience.

A woman plays a game online

Rapyd helped the fastest-growing online game digital trading and services platform in Southeast Asia to grow with localized payments.

Gaming woman waving
Cross-Border Payouts

Remote employment platform Lano used Rapyd Disburse and Virtual Accounts to fulfill its mission of helping companies build and manage their global teams.

Real-Time Payments. Instant Advantage.

Real-time payment networks make sending and receiving transactions faster, lower cost and more secure. Learn how to put them to work for your business.
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