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Payment Facilitators

Liberate Global Commerce

Become a payment facilitator partner. Onboard merchants and let Rapyd manage regulations, fraud prevention, chargebacks and more.

Rapyd Works.
And Works Harder.

Rapyd works with many of the world's leading payment facilitators. Our expertise and experience allow us to support each company’s unique strategy and needs.
  • Easily onboard new merchants and offer faster settlements
  • Benefit from Rapyd’s innovative technology, global infrastructure and outstanding support
  • Keep current on all mandated requirements
  • Prevent fraud, lower risk and stay PCI DSS compliant

What Is a

A payment facilitator is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that enables merchants, via a Payment Gateway, to accept card payments.

a Payment

Once you’re up and running you can onboard merchants using Rapyd’s global payments API.

  1. Register with the appropriate financial authority in your residing country.
  2. Hold an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) or Authorised Payment Institution (API) license.
  3. Be fully PCI DSS compliant.

Partner with Rapyd

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