Individual partnerships with both companies enable Rapyd to expand worldwide payment and payout capabilities for clients and make entry into new markets faster than ever before. Through these partnerships, clients can streamline digital and physical card issuing and offer more locally preferred payment acceptance methods worldwide. 

Mastercard Opens New Doors into APAC

Rapyd’s Mastercard partnership enables businesses to integrate virtual cards into consumer or business applications, so Rapyd clients can grow their user base. As the inaugural member of Mastercard’s Fintech Express program in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, Rapyd’s clients will have access to a full suite of Mastercard payment solutions and in-market specialists to help them connect with consumers. 

APAC is witnessing a revolution in new payments services from both traditional players going digital, and digital innovators trying to build the next big Super-Apps. These innovators are looking for a next-generation fintech platform, like Rapyd to help them move faster and offer more services, so they can focus on scaling their operations in the region and globally. 

Visa and Rapyd Create Global Opportunity

Rapyd’s membership in Visa’s Fintech Fast Track program enables it to reach new markets worldwide. Rapyd will utilize Visa Direct for real-time funds transfers, Visa Token Services for secure digital payments, and Visa’s issuance capabilities to unlock simple payment experiences for businesses and consumers globally. For example, gig-economy platforms can pay workers by pushing funds to cards, or issue unbanked workers cards for daily spending.

Ultimately, Rapyd’s partnerships with Visa and Mastercard are bringing more consumers into the digital payments ecosystem.