Rapyd and Spreedly team up to deliver more payment options and lower fees.

Spreedly, the provider of the leading Payment Orchestration platform, and Rapyd are teaming up. Through this partnership, Spreedly clients can leverage the Rapyd Global Payments Network to expand their cross-border offerings. 

By extending their payment method offerings to include Pan-European cards and US ACH, customers can convert more prospects into buyers. Spreedly clients may also experience lower fees and more easily meet the needs of higher-risk merchants. 

About Spreedly

Spreedly is a payment orchestration platform that allows companies to connect to the global payments ecosystem. Spreedly clients will be able to facilitate faster integration to the Rapyd platform by adding Rapyd as a payment provider via the Spreedly integration. To get more in-depth, read our post on Payment Orchestration Platforms.

What is Payments Orchestration?

Diagram: How payment orchestration sits between the merchants and customers to validate, tokenize and secure transactions.

About the Rapyd Partnership Program

Rapyd’s Partnership Program is designed to enable our partners to monetize fintech to grow their ARPU while meeting global growth ambitions. Rapyd provides the only fintech partner program with an all-in-one stack of payment and fintech products, marketing resources and user support and resources. Available in over 100 countries, Rapyd makes it possible to grow your revenue and platform capabilities to more users, customers and sellers anywhere you do business.

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