The fintech-as-a-service provider carried out global research amongst web developers looking to identify the day-to-day challenges and opportunities associated with their roles, with the results showing that the surveyed are embracing two methods for collaborating and learning new skills: developer communities and hackathons.
The survey revealed that the most predominant opportunities within the fintech industry, as identified by web developers, are:

  • Real-time payments, with 39% having identified them as the leading space when it comes to opportunities and innovation;
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency, as stated by 30% of respondents;
  • Digital commerce, with 29% having seen opportunities;
  • And alternative payments, with another 28% of respondents having spotted development opportunities.

When it comes to the challenges that web developers are currently facing in their roles, the results are as follows:

  • 43% identified fraud prevention and cybersecurity as the most predominant technical challenge;
  • 25% identified the increase in workload and shortage of workers as another challenge;
  • 22% have stated that their struggle comes from inadequate compensation and benefits;
  • Whereas another 20% mentioned the lack of mentorship as an additional obstacle.

These key pain points suggest that staff shortages and lack of proper human interaction impact skills, training, and growth opportunities amongst web developers across the board.

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