What would you do to go to the edge of space? Ordinarily, you’d have to train for decades in the high-streamed programs run by space agencies like NASA or ESA, the European Space Agency.

But there’s another way: Solving puzzles. The Hack The Galaxy competition, run by Rapyd, is giving away three tickets to the edge of space on a Space Perspectives capsule.

“The idea came about when we thought how do we create a home for developers—and fintech developers more specifically,” says Brendan Miller, vice president and head of global marketing strategy and operations at Rapyd, whose brainchild was the Hack The Galaxy competition. Rapyd is a financial technology company helping businesses create great local commerce experiences wherever they are in the world, developing the technology that helps make cross-border payments easier. And being founded by Arik Shtilman, a developer himself, the idea of solving problems and puzzles logically has always been in Rapyd’s DNA.

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