David Rosa, General Manager of Wallets, Disburse and FX at Rapyd

Despite the current global economic landscape, the year ahead still offers plenty to be optimistic about when it comes to fintech innovation and commercial uptake of emerging fintech solutions.

From multi-currency treasury solutions to digital identity, faster payment networks to super apps, David Rosa, General Manager of Wallets, Disburse and FX, at Rapyd outlines his fintech predictions for the year ahead, and explains why continued investment in global payments infrastructure will allow companies to seek new growth and revenue-boosting opportunities across the globe in 2023.

#1 The rise of multi-currency treasury solutions
#2 Super apps as neo banks
#3 Embedded finance will enable cross-border commerce
#4 Rapid adoption of virtual cards
#5 Smarter Identity is (slowly) becoming a reality
#6 Gig economy as major consumer of fintech solutions
#7 BNPL 2.0 and better financing options
#8 Faster payment networks
#9 An explosion of online marketplaces
#10 Volatile payment preferences

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