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The State of Disbursements Europe

Discover how smart tech investments and payments innovation is a fueling a preference for alternative ways to send and receive funds.

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Businesses that Understand Europeans' Changing Expectations Have a Golden Opportunity to Capture Marketshare

Business leaders responsible for online payouts must invest in dynamic tech solutions to guarantee reliable mass payouts. Choosing the right disbursement technology and onboarding the right payout partners will help businesses enjoy stability and growth through better engagement, loyalty and beneficiary preference.
You’ll discover:
  • How to solve the technological challenges of disbursing funds in Europe.
  • Why the growth of marketplaces and gig-economy models are driving the need for new payout technology.
  • How European companies can support a global workforce.
  • Data on how Europeans currently receive funds and their changing preferences.

About the The State of Disbursements: Europe Study

In March and April 2022 Rapyd conducted a research study to understand the financial habits and disbursement method choices, considerations and preferences of consumers in nine European countries. We surveyed 4,286 online consumers in Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom.

For Each Country, This Study Covers:

  • The most common ways to send payouts
  • How Europeans prefer to receive payments
  • The way consumers receive different types of payouts, including wages, remittances, sales, personal gifts, tax refunds, dividends, rental income, and more
  • The importance of key disbursement features
  • Adoption of new disbursement technologies
  • The most popular fintech applications and financial products

Frequently Asked Questions

Countries include, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Success in Europe requires businesses to go beyond expected payout methods. Business leaders must understand European expectations for real-time payments, how ewallets are becoming a growing disbursement tool and the requirements for security and privacy in a highly regulated region. Download the report to learn more.
Most European consumers think of themselves as either the early majority or late majority of new payment and billing tech adoption. Those identifying as in the early majority are open to exploring new financial technology. Consumers in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden are more likely to be open to exploring new ways to manage their finances. The late majority prefer to use the same financial technology used by their friends and family. Consumers in Denmark, France and the UK largely identify as a late majority. Download the report to learn more.

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