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The 2022 Global State of Cross-Border Commerce

Learn why businesses are getting stalled when trying to launch cross-border – and what you need to achieve success. 

Cross-border commerce globally is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity and cross-border payment flows are expected to reach US $156 trillion. With such unprecedented opportunity, businesses can’t afford to ignore international commerce.

Read the report and learn how you can leverage the five elements essential to cross-border success.

Inside the Study:

  • The biggest operational challenges for international commerce
  • The most important factors for cross-border commerce growth
  • Why managing risks and enabling local payments Is essential
  • What strategies cross-border businesses should focus on in 2022 

Get Your Own Customized Cross-Border Readiness Assessment 

Wondering if your company is ready to go global? Get your own personalized Cross-Border Readiness Assessment.

Answer a few questions and instantly receive a customized benchmarking report assessing your readiness – and giving you specific, actionable guidance needed for global success.

About the Study 

Rapyd commissioned the Global State of Cross-Border Commerce (CBC) Readiness Study to understand and measure the readiness of organizations and businesses with cross-border commerce. The total sample size is 918 with the interviewees distributed accordingly: US (406), UK (101), Germany (105), Italy (103), Spain (100), and France (103). 

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