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Rapyd and
SEA Gamer Mall

SEAGM uses Rapyd digital payments to reach millions of online gamers across Asia.

SEAGM Case Study

Fast Facts

SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM) is the fastest-growing online game digital trading and services platform in Southeast Asia.

To grow, they needed to offer localized digital payment methods. With Rapyd, SEAGM accessed local payment methods such as:

  • eWallet payments like GrabPay in Singapore and GCash in the Philippines
  • Cash payments through 10,000+ Alfamart convenience stores in Indonesia
  • Real-time bank transfers such as PayNow in Singapore
  • Virtual account payments and online banking with Mandiri, Permata, and BNI Banks in Indonesia
  • UPI payments in India

The Results

Rapyd Collect let SEAGM enter new markets, lower fees and reach new customers.

Payment Methods
lower fees
new markets

The Story

SEAGM provides digital codes, cards, top-ups and mobile payments that allow more than 2 million gamers to access content and make in-app purchases.

In order to provide a better service to its users, optimize payment conversions and increase its customer base, SEAGM needed a payment vendor that could offer all locally preferred digital payment methods across India, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.


The Challenge

Millions of gamers in emerging markets don’t have credit cards or bank accounts.

Customers wanted additional payment options beyond inconvenient cash top-up methods that require them to visit local convenience stores.

Gamers don’t want to sign up for new technologies. They want to use the ewallets, bank transfers and digital payment methods they already trust.

Integrating numerous local payment methods across several countries was prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

SEAGM app image on a phone.

The Solution

Rapyd Collect quickly and easily provided the most popular payment options in each of SEAGM’s markets, along with competitive fee rates and excellent fx rates.


Rapyd Collect

Rapyd Collect lets SEAGM offer all the ways their customers want to pay, from popular ewallets to cash. With the ability to add local payment methods, accept payments in local currencies, settle in the currency of their choice, and lower transaction fees, SEAGM can grow their business across the Asia-Pacific region.

“Rapyd helps SEAGM enter a market quickly, offering a wide range of local alternative payment methods to potential users.“

– Tommy Chieng, Co-founder and COO

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