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Rapyd and Gotrade Make Equities Trading More Equitable

Rapyd drives global adoption by letting new Gotrade users transfer funds faster and at a lower cost.

GoTrade Case Study

Fast Facts

Gotrade ( enables investors in 150 countries to buy and sell US stocks.

Rapyd helps Gotrade create a brokerage app with an unmatched user experience that delivers a true competitive advantage. It used to take up to three days for new users on Gotrade’s app to access funds. Thanks to Rapyd, investors can start trading almost instantly.

  • Hundreds of local payment methods
  • Significantly lower transaction and FX fees
  • Instant funds transfers into and out of Gotrade accounts
  • Improved app satisfaction rates across Rapyd-supported markets

The Results

Double Digit Growth Rate
Near-Instant Funds Access
Global Reach in 150 Markets

The Story

Gotrade allows people worldwide to invest in fractional shares of US companies for as little as one dollar. Their goal is to empower the other 99.99%.

There are many online trading apps competing for business and expanding in new markets, so Gotrade has had to quickly build trust and offer customers an intuitive, easy-to-use and low-cost trading experience.

While other competitors rely on gimmicks like free shares, Gotrade set out to build loyalty with a superior app that lets users transfer funds using the banking apps and payment methods they already trust, use their funds to buy stocks right away and enjoy lower fees for funds transfers.

Gotrade Logo, green type with a green upward arrow.

The Challenge

Customers want to use their preferred local payment methods to fund their Gotrade accounts. Because Gotrade serves investors in 150 countries, they needed a way to accept a wide variety of currencies, banking apps, and ewallets fast.

Additionally, users want to start trading stocks right away. But Gotrade had to rely on slow and costly wire transfers that took up to three days. Because Gotrade lets users buy fractional shares for as little as one dollar. They wanted to lower the barrier for investors as far as they could, making investing more accessible than ever.

A woman invests with Gotrade and Rapyd.

The Solution

Gotrade Implemented Rapyd Collect, Virtual Accounts and Disburse. Now, new customers can transfer funds instantly using local payment methods. By offering localized payments and instant deposits, Gotrade sees an increase in transactions. This also increases customer satisfaction, which leads to increased referrals and deposits.


Rapyd Collect

Gotrade users can use the banking apps and ewallets they already trust.

Virtual Accounts Icon

Rapyd Virtual Accounts

Virtual Accounts allow investors to fund their GoTrade accounts using local currencies, without GoTrade needing to set up local bank accounts.


Rapyd Disburse

Users can instantly transfer earnings from Gotrade to their banks and ewallets with significantly lower FX and transfer fees.

“Once we offer local payment methods in a market, we see an increase in transactions because our platform is more accessible. This increases customer satisfaction, which leads to increased trading, referrals and deposits.”

– Lex Van Lynden, Head of Marketing at GoTrade

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