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Remittance Solutions

Expand Cross-Border Transfer Options For Beneficiaries and Payers

Tap new markets quickly without building new infrastructure.

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Payment Options Keep
Customers Engaged and Transacting

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Move beyond legacy functionality that restricts cross-border transfers

Most cross-border payments are expensive and slow due to costly fees, long wait times, and limited country support. This makes servicing emerging markets difficult to support. Rapyd Remittance Solutions open new possibilities for money transmitters by unlocking new ways for customers to pay and get paid.

Beneficiaries are demanding better ways to accept money transfers

Today’s money transfer platforms restrict who you can pay, how you can pay, and when you can pay. Rapyd solves this problem with an API that quickly expands your local and cross-border disbursement capabilities and removes limits on how you transfer funds.

Cross- border remittance

Expand Money Transfer Offerings with Rapyd Remittance Solutions

Connect your beneficiaries and payers by tapping the Rapyd Global Payments Network

The Rapyd Global Payments Network enables your business to pay more people how they prefer to be
paid. Mobile top-ups, card issuing, cash pick up, or cross-border bank transfers are just a few of the ways
Rapyd can help you reach more people around the world.


Use Rapyd Disburse to offer flexible payout options such as cross-border bank transfers, local ewallets and cash.

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Create a payment hub for your customers with Rapyd Wallet.

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Offer debit cards with Rapyd Issuing and give beneficiaries instant access to their funds.

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Ready to integrate local commerce and fintech experiences in your application?

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