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Deliver A Better Borrowing Experience With Any Local Payment Method

It takes more to be competitive than digitizing loan origination and onboarding.

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Lenders Deliver A Better Borrowing Experience With Any Local Payment Method

Advances in Digital Experiences Have Reset Borrowers’ Expectations

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Borrowers expect fast and seamless disbursements.

Customers have grown accustomed to having access to everything on demand. Lending should be no different. Providing borrowers faster disbursements gives lenders a smarter way to differentiate their brand experience.

Digitizing origination and onboarding processes isn’t enough to be competitive

Creating a great funding and servicing user experience is just as critical for borrower retention. Provide borrowers local repayment options including cash, bank transfers, local card accounts, and ewallets without building new infrastructure.

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Talk to us about creating a new class of lending programs to differentiate your brand.

Scale local lending to any market worldwide.


Enable borrowers to repay their loans in preferred local payment methods, including cash, with Rapyd Collect.

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Give borrowers the choice of how they want to receive loan disbursements, including cash, with Rapyd Disburse.

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Better serve unbanked and underbanked borrowers by disbursing funds to the white-label Rapyd Wallet.

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Increase the accessibility of your borrower’s funds by disbursing funds to a white-label card with Rapyd Issuing.

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Ready to integrate local commerce and fintech experiences in your application?

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