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Local Payment Acceptance Made Simple

Reduce cart abandonment by enabling your customers’ most preferred payment methods.

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Scaling a global ecommerce
business doesn’t have to be so hard.

Cross-border commerce without the complexity

Entering new countries requires integration with payment providers, local entities, banks, FX, and compliance vendors. Rapyd eliminates the complexity and costs of managing a piecemeal approach of multiple vendors and systems.

More local payment options to increase conversion rates

Globally, an average 79% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Allowing your customers to pay in their preferred local method – whether that’s cash, cards, bank transfers, post-paid invoices, or ewallet – increases cross-border conversions.

Learn how Rapyd
scales cross-border ecommerce.

Rapyd Collect

Rapyd makes it easy to scale local ecommerce solutions in any market worldwide.

Accelerate global growth by eliminating the need to integrate with multiple payment methods and providers across geographies.

Streamline global operations with a single platform for reconciliation, reporting, and settlement in over 65 currencies.

Boost your conversions with local payment acceptance and checkout experiences. A single API gives you access to over 100 countries and 900 payment types.

Meet local compliance and tax regulations. Rapyd scans and monitors against hundreds of lists for KYC, AML, CTF, and sanctions.

Ready to integrate local commerce and fintech experiences in your application?

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