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Banking and Fintech Payments Solutions

Fintech as a service to power banking apps and build the future of global finance.

Banking and fintech payment solutions
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Build a Globally Adaptive Enterprise Without Building Infrastructure

Global agility in banking and fintech requires an API driven strategy. Rapyd makes it easy to build the future of finance with advanced payments and fintech solutions delivered through flexible APIs and the world’s largest local payments network.

Explore Countries and Payments

Fintech and Bank Payment Solutions

Fintech as a Service Powers Agile Global Financial Services

Countries and Payment Methods


Quickly and easily accept hundreds of payment methods worldwide

Easy Setup


Global KYC and identity verification to simplify account creation

Fast and Easy Global Payments


Rapyd brings together disparate banking systems in one integrated platform

Foreign Exchange


Hold funds in multiple currencies, efficient FX and single-currency settlement

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With Rapyd, we can offer a better,
more reliable experience through one API.

Cristian Huertas, Country Manager Mexico for Bnext.

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The Future of Payments
is Integrated Fintech

Discover why the next wave of transformation will be led by businesses that are integrating fintech into applications.

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The Future of Payments is Integrated Fintech

A Single Integration for Fintech and Banking Payment Solutions

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