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Fintech Designed for the Borderless Bank

Build innovative local account holder features without creating new infrastructure.

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Customers worldwide are demanding a better digital banking experience

Banks need innovative features that attract new account holders.

Banks that offer modern features such as cross-border transfers and global access to cash can expand faster.

Global expansion is a complex endeavor.

Disparate and fragmented back-end banking platforms limit cross-border growth possibilities. Each market has its own set of laws, regulations, and compliance, making it a complex proposition for banks to expand. Further, building on legacy vendor integrations takes time, is expensive, and offers little differentiation.

Partner with Rapyd
and fast-track global expansion.

Reach more customers
globally with mobile optimized features

Integrate to Rapyd and tap into a global network with access to billions of potential global customers:


Access global multi-currency deposits with Rapyd Collect.

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Enable P2P payments, cross-border bank transfers, and local ewallets with Rapyd Disburse.

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Expand your banking capabilities with Rapyd Wallet.

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Offer your customers a virtual or plastic debit card with Rapyd Issuing.

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Learn how your bank
can expand globally with Rapyd.

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