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Rapyd Powers Fast Global Payments Expansion for PayMyTuition

Rapyd’s ability to deliver popular payment methods in Latin America and Asia supported growth in six countries.

Pay Tuition Case Study

Fast Facts

PayMyTuition makes international education payments easy by enabling families to pay tuition and student fees using their locally preferred payment methods and currencies.

Rapyd supports their growth by

  • Enabling cross-border payments from students to universities
  • Adding payments in 6 countries: Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Chile
  • Providing real-time bank transfers and alternative payment methods

The Results

Rapyd gave PayMyTuition the ability to quickly navigate their digital transformation and expand local payment options in Asia and Latin America in only 3 months.

growth in one year
additional local payment methods
of consumers reached worldwide

The Story

PayMyTuition makes international education payments easy by enabling families to pay tuition using locally preferred payment methods. Rapyd’s ability to deliver popular payment methods, like bank transfers, across hard-to-reach markets in Latin America and Asia supported growth across six countries.

PayMyTuition Logo

The Challenge

One of the main challenges students and universities face is sending and receiving tuition and fees across the globe. Many students only have the option to use wire transfers or credit cards to pay tuition bills, which can be slow and expensive.

PayMyTuition needed to:

  • Offer a variety of local payment options, including bank transfers
  • Provide faster and more cost-effective money transfers
  • Act quickly to respond to changing customer expectations
  • Expand their business across Latin America and Asia
PayMyTuition Tablet Mockup

The Solution

Rapyd’s expertise in global cross-border and local payments expanded PayMyTuition’s presence in key regions by providing immediate access to a large network of banks and payment methods across Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.


Rapyd Collect

With Rapyd Collect, PayMyTuition is able to reach millions of new customers, collect funds in local currencies and settle in U.S. dollars, simplifying foreign exchange and payouts to universities.

“This partnership supports our company’s overall initiative to ensure the delivery of best-in-class local experiences for our customers looking to send international tuition payments abroad while ensuring the transactions are fast, secure, and cost- efficient.“

– Arif Hariji, Chief Market Strategist

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