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Rapyd Disburse

Local and International Payouts to Grow Your Business Reach

Rapyd lowers the barriers to sending local and international payouts so you can unlock the potential of any market.

Local Bank Payouts. Global Scale.

Rapyd Disburse is a global disbursement platform that goes beyond common push-to-card methods by helping businesses reach recipients who want to receive payouts through bank transfers. Send payouts to a single beneficiary in minutes or upload a file with multiple beneficiaries and pay them all at once.


Integrate Rapyd Disburse API or use our Client Portal UX to send payouts to recipients worldwide.

Reach More

Access hundreds of bank payout methods in countries around the globe.


Intuitive dashboard with records, reporting and settlement in your preferred currency.

Rapyd Disburse

Integrate international payouts into your existing processes and treasury applications with Rapyd’s online API and documentation, including code samples, use cases and webhooks.

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Single and Mass

No-coding required! Send payouts to single or multiple beneficiaries globally. Quickly pay employees, contractors and vendors. Create a Rapyd Account and send your first payout in minutes.

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Powered by the
Rapyd Global
Payments Network

Send payouts to businesses and individuals around the world and disburse using local bank transfer methods.

  • Built-in fraud prevention
  • Global reach
  • Local expertise
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The World's Largest
Local Payment Network

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with Rapyd Disburse for International Payouts

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