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Rapyd Virtual Accounts

Act Local, Operate Global

Virtual Accounts act as local bank accounts in countries worldwide.

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Like Having Local Bank Accounts Everywhere You Do Business

Rapyd Virtual Accounts are the ideal solution for businesses located almost anywhere that want to collect payments in other countries in local currencies.

  • Create Rapyd Virtual Accounts across 40+ countries and over 25 currencies
  • Like having local bank accounts with lower fees, plus easier reconciliation and management
  • Create as many Virtual Accounts as you need

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Lower Costs and Easier to Manage

Avoid the additional banking fees, extra reconciliation and management costs of working with local banks while giving customers a convenient way to pay via local bank transfers. Once approved, you can set up as many Virtual Accounts as you need.

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Add Rapyd Disburse for An End-to-End Payment and Payout Solution

Use Rapyd Disburse to send out funds that have been collected with your Virtual Accounts using the recipients’ preferred payment methods.*

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Accounts for Every Customer, Country and Currency

Create multiple virtual accounts icon, infinity symbol.

Multiple Accounts

Create as many virtual accounts as you need

Simple virtual account reconciliation

Simple Reconciliation

Allocate accounts by country, currency, customer

Instant virtual account reconciliation.

Improved Liquidity

Funds available immediately when you add Rapyd Disburse

No expiration data for Rapyd virtual accounts icon with a clock that has no hands


Use the same number for as long as you need

Compliance and Fraud Protection

Global Reach

Create accounts and accept local currencies around the world


Payout Options

Use Rapyd Disburse to payout funds collected via Virtual Accounts

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Rapyd Fintech Solutions

Discover how Rapyd delivers 196% ROI and millions of dollars in transaction fee and foreign exchange savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Accounts

Each Virtual IBAN Account (international bank account number) functions like a local bank account for collecting payments. Your customers can make online or offline bank transfers using the assigned virtual account number in their local currency. Customers can reuse the same account number as long as your Rapyd account is active.

Payments are posted in your account immediately and held in any supported currencies.  Most Clients get instant credit as well so funds can be paid out immediately.*

Any eligible** Rapyd Client, located anywhere in the world, who wants to accept local bank transfers across 40+ countries and over 20 currencies.  Clients do not need to be in the country/region specified by the country code in order to create a VA utilizing that country code.

New and existing clients, contact Rapyd to request your Virtual Accounts.

Virtual accounts can significantly reduce the cost of sending and receiving funds worldwide, ofter with transfer fees that are a fraction of what customers pay for a wire transfer. Rates vary by region, contact Rapyd for pricing details.

Virtual Accounts work for both online and offline transactions. Simply provide your Virtual Account number to your customer via a checkout page, invoice, or any other means. Your customer then sends payment via a standard bank transfer. 

You can send funds collected with Virtual Accounts to recipients using Rapyd Disburse.

Collect Payments Like a Local
with Rapyd Virtual Accounts

*Subject to risk and compliance holds. 

**Eligibility subject to meeting risk conditions, and operating in available industries and non-sanctioned countries.  Clients who are high risk and/or operate in prohibited industries may not be supported.

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