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Rapyd Protect

Cross Border Payment Fraud Protection that Goes Beyond Cards

Reduce card and local payment method risks while safeguarding your customers’ shopping experiences worldwide.

Payment Fraud Protection Hero

Rapyd Protect Is Included with Your Rapyd Payment Solutions

Rapyd Protect is embedded into our platforms so you are protected from day one. Take advantage of a top-notch fraud platform with no additional cost, no fees and no additional coding.

Create and customize rules that make sense for your business, such as triggering 3DS for certain types of transactions, sending high-value transactions to a review queue, or denying high-velocity transactions from the same card.

Payment fraud protection with Rapyd

Multifaceted Fraud Protection

Better identify high-risk transactions with AI modeling, unique data sources, and our proprietary rules engine across payment methods.

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Greater Visibility for Better Protection

With the world’s largest local payments network, Rapyd infrastructure providers unique insights into the world of payments and identifies fraud before it happens.

  • Fraud coverage in 100+ countries
  • Fraud protection for hundreds of payment methods
  • Covering 2 million global access points
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The World's Largest
Local Payment Network

Built-In Payment Fraud Protection with Advanced Features


Machine Learning

Best-in-class models informed by global data sets fine-tuned to identify new fraud trends

Rule Building

Rule Building

User-friendly drag and drop rule builder provides additional protection from fraudulent transactions

Velocity Engine

Velocity Engine

Prevent fraud by monitoring purchase frequency and usage patterns across payment methods

Compliance and Fraud Protection

Built-In Compliance

Cross-border regulations and compliance is built into the Rapyd fintech-as-a-service framework

Client Portal

Client Portal

Generate robust reports and access an extensive management system for alerts, rules and reviews

Manual Reviews

Manual Reviews

Set up manual reviews for high-risk transactions such as large purchases, specific countries or special orders

Fraud Protection

Rules Library

Lists of known fraudsters, dubious IP addresses, blocked countries, high-risk bin numbers and ranges

Identity verification

Identity Verification

Built-in know your customer (KYC), know your business (KYB) and identity verification is also included

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Rapyd Fintech Solutions

Discover how Rapyd delivers 196% ROI and millions of dollars in transaction fee and foreign exchange savings.

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Get a Global View Across Payment Methods with Online Fraud Protection Purpose-Built for Global Commerce

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