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Grow Customer Engagement with Local Card Issuing

A single card issuing API to deploy and manage a multi-country program.

Streamline Card Issuing and Program Management

Streamline Card Issuing and Program Management

Improve your users’ financial access by providing a powerful financial tool that can be used just like any debit card.

Lower operating and administrative costs with a comprehensive globally scalable issuing solution.

Our microservices API approach means that you only consume the services that you need.

Rapyd handles the local licensing and regulations.

Reduce back-office payments administration by offering a single point of access for reconciliation and settlement.

Decouple user accounts from the card instrument, allowing for greater flexibility when adding features or changing providers.

Rapyd Issuing Key Features

Multi-Country and Cross-Border Issuing Support

Centralize BIN management for virtual and physical card production, configuration, and distribution.


Manage your entire global card program within a single online portal.


Global settlement processing and delivery, with settlement to one currency.

Rapyd Developer Center

Access our API for card issuance, documentation, use-cases and sandbox.

Lifecycle Management

End-to-end card management including activation, funding, card replacements, and card reissuing.

Transaction Management

Real-time balance inquiry, transaction history, refunds, and flexible authorization models provide more control over funds and balances.


Near-time transaction reporting, querying capabilities, downloadable reports and more.

Rapyd Fraud Risk and AML Monitoring Engine

Safe, secure, and compliant – enabling commerce on a global scale.

Fraud Monitoring

Anti-fraud and AML monitoring from device/SIM fingerprinting and user scoring.


Rapyd monitors hundreds of lists for KYC, AML, CTF, and sanctions.


User data and transaction information is tokenized and encrypted.

ID Verification

User identity is verified and tied to legally compliant documents.



A simple API and world-class developer experience lets you build exceptional cross-border commerce experiences.


Tools to create a better iOS and Android mobile app experience


A single global API built on a microservices architecture

Cloud Infrastructure

Global scalability, security & redundancy

Ready to grow your customer engagement with local card issuing?

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