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Webinar: Power Your Global Workforce with a Seamless and Compliant Payroll Platform

Companies need to pay global employees and contractors on time, in their local currency and how they want to be paid. But doing this is more complex than it’s ever been.

Fees to move money across borders keep rising. Companies always have to be ready to prove their compliance while moving that money. The resources required to execute payroll functions keep shrinking while companies grapple with global workforce shortages. Many payroll functions have limited technology capabilities. And some organizations still rely on paper-based processes for payroll.

It may seem impossible to address all of these challenges while streamlining payroll operations and reducing overall costs. But it isn’t.

Lano, a German company that offers a remote employment platform, is successfully doing this after partnering with Rapyd.

Listen in and hear from Rapyd’s Sarel Tal, and Aurel Albrecht, founder of Lano, about the important lessons they’ve learned from their partnership, including:

  • How Lano overcame these major challenges with paying employees and contractors around the world
  • How Lano was able to speed up cross-border payments and reduce their costs
  • What a seamless payment experience can look like for both companies and their global employees
  • What companies can focus on when they’re able to reduce their payroll costs
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