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Deposit and Withdraw Cash Using the Rapyd Global Payments Network

Cash is the most widely used payment method in the world, watch how Rapyd seamlessly connects to over 2 million global over-the-counter and ATM cash-in and cash-out points.

Video Notes

If you want to do business the way locals do, cash acceptance and cash disbursements are a critical step for success.

Digital payments are on the rise across the globe, but despite efforts to digitize –  cash still remains the most widely used payment method worldwide.

Cash poses issues and risks for local operating teams including costs to store, transport, personal safety, and it is under the constant threat of leakage and fraud.

To solve for these challenges and to power your local growth, The Rapyd Global Payments Network connects to 2 Million ATM and Over-the-Counter cash access points worldwide.

Whether its receiving cash from customers for bill payments and ecommerce transactions…collecting cash from your gig-economy-workers and employees… OR even paying them – the Rapyd Global Payments Network makes it easy….

To use cash-in, the customer or worker simply uses your app to locate a participating collection point.

A barcode is generated with the amount to be collected. It is scanned, the cash is paid, instant notifications are sent, and then you receive the deposit into your account.

Many businesses and consumers need to send cash disbursements to gig-economy-workers, employees or provide cash remittances to friends and family.

To use cash-out, the beneficiary finds a participating over-the-counter disbursement point. A barcode is generated in the app with the amount they are owed. The barcode is scanned at the counter, the payee is given cash by the clerk, and confirmation notifications are sent out instantly.

Start accepting and disbursing cash fast by simply integrating the Rapyd Collect or Rapyd Disburse APIs into your applications. Begin tapping into the Rapyd Global Payments Network today and start growing your business locally with cash.