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The Growth Engine Playbook for Online Trading Platforms

Making payments the cornerstone for attracting new customers, improving experiences and launching fast into new markets.

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Download the ebook, the Growth Engine Playbook for Online Trading Platforms.

Turbo-Charge Growth with Better Payment Capabilities

We know online trading platforms are ambitious growers and we want to help them turbocharge their global footprint. That’s why we’ve created the Growth Engine Playbook. In it you’ll find:

  • A breakdown of the new breed of investor
  • Where are the opportunities in undervalued markets
  • How you can create better experiences for your users
  • What Rapyd can do to help you grow fast

Online Trading Platforms Are Revolutionising and Democratising Finance

In our ebook we show you the market trends that can boost your growth and outline strategies to help you expand into new markets and attract more customers.

Online Trading Platforms are Transforming the Way the World Invests

Low commissions, easy access to the internet and, like almost every other consumer facing industry, smartphones. For many investors buying and selling stocks now happens on their phone, through a dedicated app with a slick, seamless interface.

The other innovation in online trading is the recent entry to market of zero‐commission platforms – the apps that have forced the rest of the market to reduce their prices to remain competitive. Throw a pandemic and historically low savings interest rates into the mix and retail investors who had nowhere to spend their money and few places to earn worthwhile interest on savings turned to online trading platforms in their millions.

Other features like fractional shares, robo‐advisory, interests on balance and portfolio mirroring have created a far more attractive and less intimidating prospect for the average retail investor. In this ebook, we dive deep into these trends and the data to uncover the factors that will drive success for your business in this fast-changing, and highly competitive market.

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