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Going Global: Rapyd’s Guide to the Fastest Growing Payment Methods for 2020

Explode your cross-border revenue and prepare your marketplace for global expansion with this comprehensive guide. Uncover:

  • The current global payment landscape
  • The impact of culture on payment preferences
  • Our top 10 recommendations to prepare you for global expansion

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Local Payments Are Core to the Success of International Marketplaces

Marketplace sales account for 52% of global online retail sales.*

localized payment options drives conversion

Localized payment processes drive conversions.

As more global shoppers turn to marketplaces, payments must support how buyers transact locally. Providing local payment methods drives more conversions.

Disbursement experiences drive seller retention.

Effectively delivering fast disbursements to global sellers in their preferred payment methods typically requires building an entire payout infrastructure. Rapyd helps marketplaces dramatically simplify the support and management of country-specific regulatory compliance requirements and currency conversions associated with global payouts, helping sellers stay engaged in your marketplace.

Disbursement experiences drive seller retention.

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