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Rapyd Announces Our All-in-One Payment Solution for Brazil

Rapyd Announces Our All-in-One Payment Solution For Brazil

We are excited to announce that Rapyd has partnered with major Brazilian payment providers, including Dock and Banco Rendimento, to support a full stack of payment and fintech capabilities, such as payment acceptance and disbursements with cash, bank transfers, ewallets and cards. Businesses can also quickly integrate fintech capabilities like card issuing and ewallets into their applications.

With a single integration, local and global businesses can now access Rapyd’s all-in-one solution to offer all of Brazil’s favorite local payment methods without the need to build complex infrastructure or overcome regulatory hurdles.

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and represents a tremendous opportunity for cross-border and local ecommerce growth. The challenge is finding the right ways to reach Brazil’s large and diverse population of consumers. 

Vast eCommerce and Cross-Border Opportunity

Brazil is Latin-America’s largest ecommerce economy and the fourth-largest Internet market in the world. Yet online sales only make up 3.2% of retail spend, creating vast untapped potential1. But the majority of cards issued in Brazil are unable to make international purchases, so businesses need to process cards locally and offer other preferred payment methods.

Rapyd meets this demand with a full-stack offering to power local and cross-border expansion. Brazilian merchants and international businesses can now offer consumers the ability to pay with their favorite methods, without the need to complete multiple time-consuming technical integrations.

Ready to Unlock Brazil’s Potential? 

Check out all our payment methods and fintech capabilities in Brazil.


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